25 Examples of Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress is one of the oldest techniques originated from Germany, the press squeezed out letters and words separately. With time it has changed and it has became smaller and refined, the effect has made designers excited with the digital way of letterpress introduced.

Letterpress is much more popular then before and it is used to create beautiful business cards, brochures, documents… Today we are showing you 25 examples of beautiful letterpress business cards designed for the companies by designers to creative time-effect letterpress that will inspire you for your business card design, Enjoy them!

1. Allie Creative

 2. Mei Yen Chua

 3. Running Doves Press

 4. Business Card

 5. Whitney Shaw

 6. Whatsup Juggling

 7. Virginia Faircloth

 8. Dark cards

 9. Studio Lab

 10. Kyle Van Horn

 11. The Mandate Press

 12. Bluebird

 13. Circle Biz Card

 14. Amamda Lucier

 15. Dariana Cruz

 16. F256 Card

 17. old card

 18. Mattson Creative

 19. Card “Forget about the technology”

 20. Clever Penguin


 22. Sifter Letterpress Business Cards

 23. Business Cards 2012

 24. Silver on Black Letterpress Business Card

25. 83 Letterpress Business Card

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