4 Reasons Why Sunglasses Are Your Biggest Style Ally

Sunglasses: they’ve been around for years and years and will continue to be for many more. They really are the perfect accessory when you stop and think about it. What is it about them that automatically take us from looking “okay” to “absolutely awesome”? Perhaps in a way that no other accessory – not even a great pair of shoes or cool watch – can pull off? We’ve looked long and hard into why exactly sunglasses are your biggest style ally.

An air of mystery

“What’s behind those dark lenses?” “Are they checking me out?” These are thoughts one could have when looking at someone wearing a stylish pair of sunglasses. It’s what we don’t know that often intrigues us, and sunglasses turn us into a bit of an enigma. If you find that you’re not so confident when approaching new people, it could be that sunglasses are the answer. With them, you’re automatically much cooler, but furthermore, others around you will be naturally drawn to your mysteriousness.

That said, sunglasses don’t always look cool, as Snap. Inc. found out when they released their Spectacles sunglasses. These were designed to look fashionable and be able to capture short 10-second clips through your POV via a camera on the side of the frame. These clips could then be instantly uploaded to your Snapchat account. However, at $130 a pair, not a lot of people found them a good purchase and asa result, Snap. Inc. reported a $39.9 million loss. It goes to show that not every company can make a pair of sunglasses that people want to wear!

Almost limitless amount of options

girl with stylish sunglasses

Monday could be a Tom Ford day. Tuesday is a Ray-Ban day. Wednesday is a Diesel day… and so on. Every day, you have a style ally depending on your mood. With different sunglasses, you radiate a different attitude. Every pair is cool, but each pair has its own respective charm. Funnily enough, winter is perhaps the best time to pick up a few new pairs, as demand is lower and sales will be starting. Look for something great on a sunglasses website and find some stylish pairs so that you’ve already got a bunch of cool shades for when spring comes around next year.

Cover up

There’s another fantastic reason why we love sunglasses: they hide tired eyes. Let’s say you’re not exactly looking your best after a night out but still want to go outside, a pair of sunglasses is the perfect solution for those heavy bags under your eyes. For girls especially, if you don’t wish to apply eye makeup, then simply throwing on a pair of shades will still let you look cool and avoid the effort of putting on the mascara and eyeshadow.

The “missing” piece

men with slicked hairstyle and sun glasses

Let’s say you’re looking at yourself in the mirror before going outside. Shoes are looking good, jeans fit well, you’ve got a cool shirt on and even put on a denim jacket for extra points. You’ve got a cool, new hairstyle, but there’s one thing missing from the ensemble that you just can’t put your finger on. That missing piece will always be sunglasses. They tie an outfit together so effortlessly that you’ll wonder why it took you so long to figure it out.

Bonus tip

dog with sunglasses

We’ve discussed the style aspect of sunglasses, but another thing that should be mentioned is obviously the health benefits of wearing shades. Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but also things like wind, dust, and sand (definitely helpful when at the beach). You’re also able to see things so much more clearly, as there’s no glare to battle.

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