5 AWS Migration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Many companies have taken the plunge to migrate to Amazon Web Services(AWS) for their cloud storage needs. These companies face problems ranging from tech support issues to security problems. Discover five AWS migration challenges and ways you can overcome them.

Security Concerns


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Regardless of the industry, any company could be intimidated about the idea of putting data on a public cloud storage provider because of security concerns. Cloud storage providers must meet strict compliance protocols and have a greater ability and more resources to support a high level of security of data stored in the cloud.

For example, AWS must have an industry-compliant cloud infrastructure. However, this requirement doesn’t negate the customer’s responsibility to protect user data and properly configure identity and access management.

High IT Costs

Keeping costs down is always a top issue for organizations. Whether your company prefers to make one large, upfront expenditure or spread the amount over ongoing operational costs, you should know what’s the best approach for your organization.

If your company prefers to keep control over the IT environment, you may prefer to make an early large purchase of infrastructure. However, if your company has fluctuating needs, ongoing monthly costs may be a better fit as they can offer you flexibility. Determine whether your company will need AWS tech support and how much money you’ll need to avoid rapidly growing AWS support fees.

Staff Apprehension and Difficulty With AWS Implementation

Dramatic changes experienced in an AWS migration can naturally lead to resistance and apprehension from management and staff. Your team may worry about everything from day-to-day functionality to job security. A small IT team could also be challenged to get all employees up to speed with a new system. The best way to combat this challenge is to offer and provide adequate training to prepare staff and make them comfortable with your new business tools.

Performance and Interruption in Services

A major movement of data may require authorization, which could slow website performance. Unfortunately, even a small decrease in load time can cost you sales and have a direct negative effect on your company’s revenue. Even worse, a longer-lasting issue could cause your company to face long-term impacts on SEO and could diminish your brand reputation. Providing enough training and hiring the right experts to help with AWS migration and data security can mitigate this risk.

User Control and Monitoring

User management and monitoring of access is much more difficult with cloud servers because instances, devices, and people can spread throughout the cloud with no clear, single user directory. All users must be analyzed and centralized to detect actual compromises. However, by bridging the existing directory to AWS to manage users, your company can still offer control and security over its data.

The benefits of implementing AWS can outweigh the challenges. Through proper preparation and implementation of best practices, your company can easily overcome any obstacles that your business may face during the migration to AWS.

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