50 Beautiful Rose Tattoo Designs

Rose is a symbol of love, a gift of rose says “I Love You” and without thorns says “Love At First Sight”. There are different Symbols for different color of roses e.g., Yellow Rose for Joy, White Rose for Admiration, Pink Rose for Sympathy, Orange for Enthusiasm. In ancient times White Rose was symbol of Virginity, Red Rose expresses Love, spiritual and romantic. Countless Tales and legends called rose source of love and admiration, It is said that Cleopatra uses floor of palace with rose petals, waiting for the arrival of fiancé Mark Antony.

Of all the flower tattoos Rose is the most popular not only in women but also in men because of its beauty, colors and fragrances. While choosing beautiful rose tattoo it is important to remember that each color has its significance e.g., Red for love, Orange for desire, White for purity… after choosing the color, the design should be considered weather Tribal rose tattoo or any other. We have selected beautiful rose tattoos for you to select the perfect match you want to pierce on body, Hope you will like these rose tattoo designs, Enjoy them!

Biomechanical Rose

Bleeding Rose Tattoo Design

Blue Tribal Rose

Gothic Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Rose and band tattoo

rose and rosary



 Rose Tatto on Neck

Rose Arm Tattoo

Knuckle Duster and Roses Tattoo

rose tattoo

 Rose Tattoo on Shoulder

Rose tattoo

 Rose Tattoo on Back

rose tattoo

Rose Tattoo

 Rose on Foot

rose tribal tattoo

Shouldered rose 1

the black rose tattoo

Celtic Rose

My rose tattoo

My tattoo

neo traditional rose wip

rose tattoo backpiece


Rose neck

Rose tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo

Sherri’s Rose

That’s a hip rose…

A Burning Rose

Full Color Rose Shoulder Tattoo


Red rose, grey others

Red Rose

ROSE Tattoo

rose 1

Rose and Vine On Jess

Rose and Word


Rose of freedom

Rose tattoo

shoulder rose

The Finished Tattoo

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