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  1. Margy Crowningshield

    May 15. 2016

    Can I use the music to my ears design as part of the decoration for a website I am putting together.
    I am trying to write a music theory game which I will eventually be distributing.

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  2. Alice Gatto

    Jul 21. 2016

    Love your tattoo – can’t get one because of a skin condition; this would be the one to have though.

    Great graphic!!

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  3. Charli Henshaw

    Sep 09. 2016

    This is so cool I love it

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  4. Mikayla Kraebel

    Nov 14. 2016

    It’s beautiful I love the bit’d with stuff around it I think their music notes

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  5. Sheryl

    Jun 17. 2017

    I would like permission to use this picture to represent our high school choir program next year. Please contact me.

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  6. Carey campbell

    Jan 09. 2018

    Hello. This is beautiful and has been my screensaver for 4 years. Would I be able to have this printed on a necklace for me to wear? Please let Me know. Thank you! Carey

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  7. Barbara

    Jul 15. 2018

    Would love to have this as a wall transfer. Is that possible? How soon could it be done and how much would you charge?
    It is such a perfect music message and beautiful image! Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks

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  8. Teddy Saad

    Jul 26. 2019


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