Unique Trendy Chain Mehndi Designs

One of the unique and trendy designs is chain mehndi design. Chain mehndi designs comprise of sophisticated thick beads chains in henna along various patterns which gives magical appearance to the design. It is a design in which you don’t need to fill every inch of your hand yet they are stylish and attractive designs which are been applied by girls on various occasions like shaadi, dholki, eid and so.

Chain mehndi design is also applied in fusion with Arabic designs where floral patterns are fused with chain of beads which give your hands unique look. This particular Chain design is for women who prefer to be modern, different and classy. This chain design can be used as the jewelry style mehndi design in which beautifully a chain connects the ring and the index fingers. In many designs Chains lines are ornamented with patterns like dots or feathers which give delicate look to chains. To make the chains prominent the line is thickened and then dots are embedded on it. Chain designs can be applied individually or in combination with other leaf motifs and geometric patterns to highlight the design. You can also make bracelet on your wrist with chain and beads and link it with your tikki, it will look fabulous.

Your mehndi look depends on how you use the chain pattern in your mehndi. Chain made in swirl shape gives you a modern look which is mostly applied by young girl. While on other hand chain design combined with flower motifs and curved lines gives traditional look and is preferred by brides on engagement ceremonies. Lastly the ring fingers designs along chain designs are mostly used on Eid festivals.

Chain designs gives a completion to your henna which is why it enhances the look of your design, so if you haven’t tried it yet then go for it!

Additional Tips for Chain Mehndi Designs:

  • Fuse chain design with Indian, Arabic or Asian mehndi to make it more unique and glamorous.
  • Keep it simple or keep it intricate.
  • Make sure to buy a good quality cone so that there is no hindrance in your designs and no wastage of time and energy.
  • Let the mehndi dry and stay on hand for at least 2-3 hours to ensure you get a bright stain.

Unqiue and Stylish Chain Designs Mehndi:

Here is the list of chain designs which will help you choose one perfect design for the perfect occasion.

Modern Chain Mehndi Designs

new floral chain mehndi design

image credit

modern chain mehndi design

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Traditional Chain Mehndi Designs

image credit 1 2 3

Floral Patterns Chain Mehndi Designs

image credit 1 2

Classic Chain Mehndi Designs

image credit 1 2 3


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