29 Best Christian Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Christians believe that the relationship between man and God is natural and the belief of a Supreme Creator is universal. By getting their bodies tattooed with Christian tattoo, they glorify the Great Being. Christians consider the act of getting tattoos as the most faithful way to praise Jesus Christ and bring Him in their lives. Similarly, Christians believe that Christian tattoos enhance their faith and also display that how proud they are of their faith.

Below is a collection of 29 Best Christian tattoos ideas for men and women.

1. Jesus Christ Portrait

Jesus portrait tattoo on arm

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Portraits of Christ are mostly linked with his crucifixion. A halo or a crown of thorns are mostly found in such tattoos.

2. Christian Shield Tattoo

cross shield tattoo

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The scratches on the shield specify that many attackers have tried to destroy it but it was unharmed exactly like Christians.

3. Praying Hands with Christian Proverbs

praying hands tattoo on chest

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These tattoos are expressive quotes and proverbs from the Bible that hold a special meaning for the person wearing it.

4. Basic Cross Tattoos

cross tattoo on ring finger

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Cross Tattoo on wrist

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The cross is undoubtedly the most popular Christian tattoo. These minimalist tattoo designs are trending nowadays.

5. Traditional Cross Tattoos

traditional cross tattoo

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These universal tattoos never go out of style. A wooden cross is the most famous tattoo out of all the other traditional cross tattoos.

6. Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus

virgin mary holding jesus tattoo

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This tattoo symbolizes love and represents the belief of Christians to a greater extent.

7. 3D Cross Tattoo

3d cross tattoo half sleeve

image credit

These modern tattoos have a cool 3D touch to them.

8. Guardian Angel Tattoo

Guardian Angel Tattoo on back

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In Christianity, Angels are God’s messengers and guardians for humans. These tattoos signify protection and guidance.

9. Praying Hands Tattoo

praying hands with rosary tattoo

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This tattoo characterizes the significance of prayer and how only God can help you when you are in trouble.

10. Bible Verse Tattoos

bible verse tattoos on back

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The verses that have special meanings turn out to be great tattoos.

11. Jesus Fish / Ichthys Tattoos

jesus fish tattoo ichthys tattoo

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These tattoos symbolize strong faith in God and Christianity.

12. Rosary Tattoos

rosary tattoo on ankle

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rosary tattoo on wrist

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These tattoos are considered sacred. They represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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13. Holy Bible Tattoos

bible tattoos

image credit

These tattoos symbolize the word of God and its importance.

14. Prayer Tattoos

prayer tattoos

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Prayer is an important part of Christianity and these tattoos are believed to provide strength.

15. ‘Agape’ Tattoo

agape tattoo

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Agape is a Greek word that means God’s love.

16. Virgin Mary Tattoo

virgin mary tattoo

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These tattoos illustrate devotion, faithfulness and purity.

17. Nail Cross Tattoo

nail cross tattoo

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These tattoos display the agony Jesus had to go through to save mankind.It also represents resurrection and crucifixion.

18. Floral Cross Tattoo

floral cross tattoo

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These tattoos represent growth, life and vitality in reference to Christianity.

19. Hallelujah Tattoo

hallelujah tattoo

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Hallelujah means”praise Jah” or “praise Yah. The word “hallel” in means a blissful praise to claim in God. These tattoos mean that you praise the Lord.

20. Eight-pointed Star Tattoo

eight pointed star tattoo

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Eight-pointed star is the star of revitalization and represents Baptism. These tattoos display redemption.

21. Holy Trinity Tattoo

holy trinity tattoo

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The trinity tattoos highlight the harmony of the three forces. They also symbolize the love of God around the Holy Trinity.

22. Grape Tattoo

grape tattoo

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These tattoos signify the “good fruits”of a life of a Christian.

23. Psalm Tattoos

psalm tattoos

image credit

lead me to the rock that is higher than i

image credit

Just like Biblical verses, Christians get meaningful verse of Psalms inked on their bodies.

24. Lost Loved Ones Initials and Cross

cross tattoo with initials

image credit

If you have lost a loved one, you can get a Christian tattoo with their initials.

25. Christian Words Tattoos

in christ alone tattoo

image credit

let god tattoo

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These tattoos include simple and basic significant words of Christianity.

26. The Holy Chalice Tattoos

chalice tattoo

image credit

Many Christian get this tattoo inked since it is believed that this chalice was used by Jesus on the Last Supper.

27. Sacred Heart Tattoos

sacred heart tattoo

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These tattoos represent the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ that was devoted towards humanity.

28. Dove Tattoos

Dove Tattoos

image credit

Dove is a symbol of purity and peace, which indicates the peace and purity the Holy Spirit carries.

29. Crucifix Tattoos

jesus christ crucifixion tattoos

image credit

These tattoos are reminder to Christians about what Christ sacrificed just for the sake of their forgiveness.

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