10 Unique Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

The winter season starts with a lot of planning as Christmas is sneaking on us. You will start planning for Christmas Party, and you had planned for New Year as well, just dust off your old Christmas decorations. However, you will be bored with old themes for Christmas party, even if you are calling caterer for arrangements, it is great to come with a new theme to make your party more interactive and fun.

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

We know that Christmas is just a few days away, it is better to decide the arrangements for the big day party ahead. Following are great new Christmas party ideas which will entertain your family and friends and give you a wonderful entertainment day.

1. Christmas Sweater

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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Holiday party is incomplete without good Christmas sweater, your guests will end up laughing by looking at each other. It will help to make your evening heart light, just ensure the guests to wear a finest old sweater and then host a competition by awarding an outrageous outfit. The sweater will vary in choice, you can wear Grandma choice sweater which is embedded with trees, reindeer or embarrassing props. However, you can also give a gift to winner by awarding a certificate, do not end humorous possibilities. For DIY sweater ideas visit Today.

Games you can enjoy

Have you considered playing a game YOULIE? Remember that every person thinks about two facts and one is a lie, it is best to say those statements out loud. Hope you will not hurt other feelings.

2. Amazing Race

2 Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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This theme is inspired from a famous TV show known as THE Amazing Race. You need a large gathering because team building is involved in it, Just organize a hunt, in different locations of the house. You can rope clients as well stakeholders into stops, It is best if you will throw roadblock challenges. In these roadblock challenges, you will not be allowed to move to next stage until unless particular task is completed.

Just make the last pitstop which will end at party room filled with refreshing drinks and feast.

3. Masquerade Ball

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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Have you ever tried the masquerade ball themed party? This is one of the great Christmas Party Ideas. It is best to encourage the members to dress as nines for a masquerade ball, It is best to explain history of masquerade balls or make an innovative invitation card which tells tutorials to craft their masquerade ball.

You can make theater masks, harlequin patterns or a wintery wonderland theme, for menu, you can serve funky cocktails and finger foods and let the music play, you can get DIY help from Youtube as well.


If any guest forgot his/her mask or does not come with any then setup a station with string, colored card, feathers, glitter, pens and various decoration elements. Do not forget to give prize to best dressed or dancers of party.

For DIY ideas, check out easy tips to create cards for Christmas.

4. Booths

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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Every guest invited at party would be dressed at best, It is a best chance to capture the moments at their finest. Adding interactive photo booths would be a great way for employees, It would give a perfect opportunity to people to click pictures and share them on social sites. However, you can arrange photo booths according to party theme.

5.  Nightmare before Christmas

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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Have you watched Nightmare before Christmas movie? Then there is no better theme than it, It would be one of the favorite theme of everyone invited as guest. Add Tim Burton Flair to your Christmas Party, Make sure to add decorations in white and black color, Santa Skeletons, huts, Skulls and decorate balloons which resemble Jack Skellington. Get an idea from YouTube.

For music just make a playlist with songs from Tim Burton films or some of the Halloween Classics. Food needs to be classic in choice.


For activity, buy inexpensive decoration items like paints, pens, and ribbons. Allow the guests to decorate baubles or make whatever they want, Award the person with best decoration.

Also don’t forget to check Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos for your next tattoo design ideas!

6. Magician

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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If you are inviting families and friends with their kids on Christmas party then calling of a magician would make your party astounded, You can simply turn your Christmas party into a night to remember. However, asking street magician for his magic tricks could add much fun, but his tricks would be limited. So astonish everyone with feats of magic, this is a perfect idea to make your party relaxed.

7. Winter Wonderland

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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People of Southern Hemisphere would love this magical theme, You need to cover everything with ice and serve hot chocolate. However, this idea may prove to be bit expensive but if you actually to embrace winter season then decorate party with white draping, fairy lights, winter palace, glittering snowflakes, ice sculptures or polar bears.


It is one of the interesting themes and you can make it more thrilling if a competition like a snowman making would be practiced. Give award to the best snowman.

For easy decorations, check Handmade Christmas Crafts Ideas to tryout in holidays.

8. Bar Theme

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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This is one of Christmas party ideas for adults which will include lots of table games. Darts, foosball, billiards will give guests a great challenge to play against other guest competitors, So either you want to relaxed bar games or wants to turn into championship. Let the guests enjoy games filled party.

9. The chocolate factory

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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If you do not own a chocolate factory like Willi Wonka then why not arrange a chocolate party. Make decorations with candies, stripes, and colored canes, It is best to place candy canes on every table with decorated cupcakes, brownies and candy buffet would be a great idea.

10. Christmas Movie Marathon Party

Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

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It is true that holidays are heartwarming, rich and beautiful, and when you arrange or implement Christmas Party ideas according to movie by watching same movie, then everyone will enjoy it. The idea is inexpensive and easy, All you need is a projector, comfortable chairs, pizza, popcorn, drinks and traditional movie snacks, You can also watch premiers or one-off dramas through cable or satellite package installed. However, outdoor venue would also be a great idea.

Also don’t forget to check Movie Inspired Nail Art for more fun

So what is the theme for your party? Try any of these and do not forget to comment because it is the right time to get embraced and feel little different. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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