Halloween in the Old Days

Halloween celebrations are now underway in all around the world, with most horrified, scary and dreadful creatures coming out on streets to terrify their neighbourhood. Children’s emotions are at extreme to start getting their candy door-to-door and start their trick-r-treat parties.

It is one of the oldest holidays on Earth, so we have selected some footages from the halloween in the old days to see what scary costumes were prepared in the past to have fun on this big day. There is no doubt that today this ancient holiday have came with more attributes, costumes, masks and special makeup that can be bought easily from stores but i think it is more fun back in those days thats why i want you to see the photos of the old days. People with rare things like camera to make photo’s and video on Halloween are more creative with their imagination of making the day scary to enjoy, please have a look for yourself!

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