How to Сhange from Static to Dynamic IP in Windows 10

Changing IP addresses requires a user to take several steps so this is a quite simple task. But before you do it you need to clarify your reasons to switch from static to dynamic option and vice versa. So start with understanding the definition of IP and then you can follow a simple guide on how to change dynamic IP.

The IP Address: Definition and Role

You use all the advantages of the Internet by relying on your network. These elements are connected with IP – Internet Protocol Addresses. This is a set of numbers and periods that identifies the exact device connected to the network. An IP address is also called DHCP 

We can compare it to the email address that identifies you and lets you receive letters. As a result, IP is called to identify gadgets that are connected with each other via the Internet. Most electronic devices at home, at work, in public, and so on have their IP addresses as well. That is a way to differentiate all devices connected to the Internet from each other. 

Using a set of numbers and periods is a perfect format for computers. Actually, they are made to “read” such messages. But humans differ from electronic devices. They prefer sets of characters to use and remember them better. 

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That’s why a more friendly version of IP address is a domain name. Every website has its unique domain name that consists of several labels with dots. The network administrators are responsible for appointing an IP to gadgets connected to the exact network. Depending on the situation, they choose the exact type of it. 

There are several types of such addresses. On the one hand, the private or public IP shows the network location. On the other hand, there are dynamic and static options that highlight its permanency. 

How to Reveal Your IP

It’s no surprise people wonder how to find my IP address. They may be interested in finding my ip because of different reasons. For instance, it helps a user to clarify how your network is performing. So what is my IP Address? The procedure of clarifying what my IP is always the same. You can rely on VeePN for this purpose. This is an easy and reliable solution to find your real IP address without any struggle and irreversible effects. Besides, it allows you to hide your current location, secures your valuable data, protects your browser history, etc. 

Anyway, you are able to use these instructions with straightway examples and switch your IP address easily. There are 4 popular ways to find my IP address and change its option. 

How Can I Change Static IP to DHCP?

NB! All the ways listed below are simple and fast. Just pick up the one and you’ll see the results of your actions immediately. 

Option #1. Use settings

Open the Control Panel by typing this keyword in the Start Menu search. Tap the section “Network and Internet” in the opened window. Select the option called “Network and Sharing Center”, then prefer the button “Change the adapter settings”. Then right-click with a mouse and open Properties. 

Pay attention to the Networking section and open the properties of the Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4). You must select 2 options at the same time – to obtain an IP address automatically plus to obtain a DNS server address automatically. You should save changes. 

Option #2. Use Command Prompt 

Open the Command Prompt by typing this keyword in the search. You must right-click with a mouse and prefer to “Run as administrator”. In the opened window you should command “ipconfig” to find out the adapter’s name. Then type this command “netsh interface ip set address “Ethernet1” dhcp” where Ethernet1 is your unique name. Don’t forget to click Enter.

Option #3. Use Control Panel

Use the combination of Win Key and I. Then open the Network and Internet. Select Ethernet of Wi-Fi and relevant network title. Edit its settings by selecting the relevant button and make sure to pick up the Automatic (DHCP) option. Don’t forget to save changes. 

Option #4. Use Powershell

Open the Powershell by typing this keyword in the Start Menu search section. You must right-click with a mouse and choose the option “Run as administrator”. Use the command “Get-NetIPConfiguration” to find out the InterfaceIndex.

Then use one of these commands: “Get-NetAdapter -Name Ethernet1 | Set-NetIPInterface -Dhcp Enabled” or “Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceIndex 0 -ResetServerAddresses” where “0” is your InterfaceIndex.

Particularities of Static and Dynamic IP

Many users know the fact that IP could be static or dynamic. But not everyone understands the main particularities and distinctions between them. As a result, you can’t prefer the appropriate type of IP for your case. Here are the main descriptions to clarify right now:

– a static IP is a constant address. It doesn’t change after your gadget receives its set of numbers till something happens. For instance, if your network changes or your device shuts down. It is known for being prone to hacking so it may cause issues with your cybersecurity; 

– a dynamic IP is a temporary address. It is constantly changing and assigned by ISPs using specific servers. Compared to static ones, such a type of IP is cost-effective, reasonable, and less vulnerable to hacking.

So if you want you can change the type of your IP. Using a high-quality tool like VeePN dynamically configures IP address for your interests without any issues. 


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