Iphone 5 Will Most Probably Be Released in September 2012

There are rumors about the release of iphone 5. A leaked details about release date from the blog that publishes exclusive information about the company Apple, the new Gadget will be held in September 2012.It may also be possible that Ipad Mini a small variant of popular Tablet will also be presented on the same day for supply on September 21.

Officially, Apple has no comment on the information leaked. But on the other hand, had previously called that the new device will appear in the autumn, for the sales to rise in the winter. Anyways the exact date is not yet been officially out. Apple has plans on September 12, still not clear what they will come with.

If one remember Iphone5 will be based on 5 A5 processor– more powerful chip, which is currently used in ipad 2 with 8-megapixel camera more powerful than in iphone4. The new Version will be created on the platform of iOS5, which will be demonstrated at the developer conference.

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