List Of Top 10 Scary Halloween Monsters & The Myths

October 31st is the day of celebration and superstition, life and death, holy and evil, trick and treat, fun and fear because it’s Hallows’ Eve. Haunted attractions set a scene for the perfect thrilled and scary Halloween theme but it’s not that much spooky without Halloween creatures. Here we provide some Halloween creatures myths to make your Halloween more ghostly and uncanny.

1. Scare from the Scarecrow


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Scarecrow is a decoy to protect crops from birds. It has become a Halloween symbolism to add a sense of “DO NOT CROSS THIS AREA” to your front yard. Including rags and jute bags, pumpkin heads make a perfect Halloween scarecrow in a full moon night.

2. Watch out your brains; Coz its Zombie time


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Zombies myth is as old as the Haitian region and African slavery. These brain eating creatures are considered to be soulless who had stuck in their bodies after death and now are always hungry for BRAINS!!!

3. Poltergeists, the noisy ghosts


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These stubborn and irritated souls give out no option to scare you with their noises and supernatural activities. Empty scare cases, dark corners of house, lonely swings and useless backyards are where you’ll find them making noise.

4. Mummify this Halloween


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Mummies are rooted from the Egyptian time when Egyptians used to preserve the bodies of their important personals. The process of mummifying requires the use of spices and a lot of salts to dehydrate the body as quickly as possible. This helped in preserving it for a very long time in its original form.

5. Bite, Drink and be Scary


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Vampires are another Halloween monsters. These blood thirsty creatures originated from folklores and fascinate people due to their fangs, immortality and blood drinking habits. Bloody vampires make perfect Halloween themed scary but gorgeous appearance for a perfect costume idea.

6. This Halloween, let your demon come out


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Demons are the malevolent spirits which attracts people from the right path towards the ease of evil and bad things. Demons, along with devils, are associated with hell and unlike others, their presence and influence cannot be challenged.

7. Howl like a Werewolf


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Another concept of mythical creatures is that of werewolves. They are considered to be form shifting between a wolf and human and are usually associated to become wolves when get a direct contact with moonlight. These beasts add thrill and horror for a perfect scary Halloween.

8. Watch out for the Witches….


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Witches are commonly considered as black dressed ones with a pointed hat, long nose, dirty nails and a pot to make black magic. But, more or less, they are like ghosts which haunt and possess people. Witches are a known Halloween creatures which gives a haunted and a scary look.

9. Monster of Frankenstein


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Monster of Frankenstein is a fiction character of a novel “Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus” written by Mary Shelley. This monster is green colored with scars and stitches on its face and an iron rod in its neck. It’s an easy to carry on Halloween parties and gives an ultimate “Halloween look”.

10. Gargoyles, the frightening stone monsters


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Gargoyles are stony grey colored terrifying looking monsters which are usually shown with bat like wings. From past times, gargoyles were made on buildings at places of pipe openings for rain water. This gives a very antique look to the buildings and a demonic look for the Halloween fun.

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