5 Real Life Human Barbie Doll Girls

It is a dream for every young girl to be seen as real living barbie doll, but it is really a magic of makeup that makes barbie girl more like puppets with porcelain skin, big eyes full lips. You must be wondering about a role model barbie girls that  have shocked many on the World Wide Web, we have created this post to showcase real life human barbie dolls for your inspiration, check-out: how these fairies have recreated an image of dolls everyone wants to see million times a day. They are undoubtedly real not sketched images in Photoshop and these beauties have not done any plastic surgery to look-like barbie doll, it is a makeup that turned these girls in living dolls.

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Valeria Lukyanova: Ukraine

Barbie Valeria Lukyanova barbie Valeria Lukyanova living doll

Photo Credit Valeria’s Facebook Page

Dakota Ostremga aka Dakota Rose & KotaKoti: United States

Dakota Ostrenga Dakota Rose KotaKoti

Photo Credit

Anastasia Shpagina: Ukraine

Anastasia Shpagina Ukraine Anastasiya barbie anastasiya shpagina

Photo Via Anastasia’s Facebook

Venus Angelic: United Kingdom

Venus Angelic

Photo Via Venus angelic’s Facebook

Angelica Kenova: Russia

Angelica Kenova real life barbie

Angelica Kenova’s Facebook

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