Masterpiece Super Realistic Repainted Celebrity Dolls

Noel Cruz is a talented artist who can repaint any factory doll to draw a real image of people with few adjustments in the makeup. Noel belongs to a poor family born in Philippines(Manila), the joys of childhood were so far as he has to work for his family living, the entertainment for him is the time he spends drawing.

Noel started repaint dolls known as discolored ones, this is the change for him drawing on canvas paper to a plastic face. It is the skill that made him popular in the online community, the dolls he repainted are mostly celebrities, cinema heroes and some entertaining characters and are sold at auction and stores in many collections.

Today we have selected some of the masterpiece super realistic repainted celebrity dolls from his collection that will make you a fan for this God gifted art of repainted dolls!

Check out Neol Cruz profile and pictures at the links below:

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