Storage Solutions For Children’s Playrooms

If you have children then you will probably be in desperate need of storage in order to organise the ever-growing number of toys they own. Do you even remember what colour the carpet is in their playroom? If not then what you need are storage solutions that will keep this room tidy when they have finished playing, without taking away from the fun feel of the space.

So, before you start typing in frustration,here are a few ideas to get you started. If there is still too much to fit in the room then you may want to check out a storage company, where you can store as much as you want until you need it!

1.Clear storage boxes

Clear stacker boxes are ideal to use for storage as they make use of empty, unused wall space and children can see what is inside them. So if they are looking for their Lego, instead of opening all of them and pulling the entire contents on to the floor, they can easily see which box the Lego is in and just open up that one. These are available in a number of colours – so pick those that fit in with the colour scheme of the room.

2. A shoe organizer for toys

A shoe organizer is the perfect way to separate and organize kids toys, again making use of the wall space rather than the limited floor space. This could be used for cuddly toys, dolls, toy cars – anything you wish!

3. Dress-up closet

You could use an old cupboard or bedside table to create this. Paint it in their favourite colour, add a rail and you are good to go. This will keep all their little outfits neat and tidy, plus you can use the bottom to store their shoes while the top also provides you with a space for extra items, such as a lamp.

4. Storage bench

A storage bench will provide them with a seating area and a hidden space to store some of their belongings. How about using it as a reading corner and storing their books in the bench?

5. Stuffed animal swing

A swing or small hammock hanging from the wall is the perfect place for all those cuddly toys! This once again makes use of the unused wall space rather than the lack of floor space.

6. Play tent

A Princess or Knight’s Castle Play tent is the perfect prop for playtime, but it is also a great place to store toys away tidily when it is not in use.

7. Magnetic Wall Strips

A magnetic wall strip can come in handy for more than just knives in the kitchen. They are in fact the perfect place to store and display all those toy cars, which you find yourself tripping over on a daily basis!

8. Storage that doubles up as education

This could mean storing things by their letter in the alphabet, their colour or any other way that suits you and means that rather than just throwing everything into a box, your children have to think about where they are going. As a result they are learning each time they pack away their toys, perhaps without even really realizing it.

Who knew storage could be so fun?

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