12 Amazing Ideas For A Tacky Christmas Party

The one time in the year when everyone is allowed to wear loud and shiny colors is Christmas. You can see people dressed up as festive as possible. Christmas is no fun without making ugly sweaters, drinking hot cocoa in the cold morning, opening presents, and tacky Christmas parties.

Whether you are hosting a tacky Christmas party or going to one, it is a joy for everyone. If you need tacky Christmas party ideas for your next get together, here are some inspirations that will take your party to the next level:

1. Ugly Christmas Sweater for Party:

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When hosting a Christmas tacky party, you can ask the guests to wear Christmas ugly sweaters. Hold a contest and give a prize to the person with the best ugly sweater. This is a fun way to include the tradition of making ugly sweaters at your party.

2. Decorating with Tiny Sweaters:

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When you throw a tacky Christmas party, you have got to stick with the theme. You can decorate your house with tiny colorful sweaters. You can put ornaments on them, and it will look adorable.

3. Wrapping Presents in Sweater:

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Why waste paper when you can wrap the presents in sweaters. This will add a nice touch to your tacky Christmas party and look amazing as décor.

4. Tacky Table Setting for Christmas Party:

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Decorate the table with the colors of Christmas. You can keep Christmas-themed desserts and props. The whole decoration will stand out.

5. Christmas-Themed Cake and Cookies:

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Christmas-themed cookies and cake is a must-have for your tacky party. You can easily find a cookie cutter in different shapes for Christmas and bake a cake for your guests to enjoy while having a hot cup of cocoa.

6. Balloon Christmas Ornaments:

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Tacky Christmas parties are all about creating the outstanding decoration. You can make ornaments with different colored balloons and hang them as decoration.

7. Tacky Christmas Invitations:

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Make a tacky Christmas party invitation and send it to your friends and family. You can add all the details in the invite. Make it tackier by making it colorful and bright.

8. Tacky Christmas Photo-booth:

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Clicking pictures is important to keep as memories. Create a tacky Christmas photo booth where everyone can take silly pictures and keep them as memories.

9. Tacky Christmas Hair Do:

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Tell your friends and family to make a crazy Christmas hairdo and make the party fun by hosting a crazy hairdo contest.

10. Tacky Christmas-Themed Decorations:

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Decorate your entire house with tacky Christmas decorations instead of the boring decorations. All you have to do is be creative and add Christmas colors in everything.

11. Christmas Themed Food:

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Don’t forget to make Christmas-themed food to serve your guests. This will make it more exciting and fun to eat.

12. Tacky Christmas Party Favors:

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Create tacky party favors for your guests.

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