The Most Beautiful Spring-Inspired Engagement Rings

Spring is a season for new life and new beginnings, as the leaves start to reappear on trees and the buds of flowers slowly start to explode into their former glory. As it stands, spring isn’t necessarily the most popular month to pop the question – December and its Christmas-fuelled joy is the most popular month, according to Statista. But spring has so much more to offer. Beautiful blue skies, warmer weather, gorgeous backdrops, and spring-inspired engagement rings to die for.

image credit Cooper Baumgartner

Below, we’ll look at some of the most stunning spring-inspired engagement rings and how you can get your hands on one…or hint at one.

Flower Moissanite Engagement Ring

You’ll notice that the theme with spring-inspired engagement rings is floral to suit the season. Spring is a season many people love because the earth springs back into life and color with the most beautiful flowers, which is where the flower moissanite engagement ring draws its inspiration from.

The 14K two-toned moissanite flower ring has the most beautiful real gold prominent flower detailing that instantly catches the eye. The design is designed entirely with nature in mind. The gold can easily damage as the tiny flowers that extend from the ring are easy to catch and break – always consider the perks of engagement ring insurance to protect your delicate spring-inspired ring if inadvertent damage occurs.

Lotus Flower Sapphire Engagement Ring

The lotus flower is one of the most delicate flowers. In eastern religions, they think the lotus flower represents purity, enlightenment, and self-regeneration. Its natural beauty and powerful connotations make it the perfect spring engagement ring. Spring, after all, is a season for self-regeneration.

Designs tend to feature white and yellow gold, making it the perfect choice for people who struggle to make their minds up. There are hundreds of variations of the lotus flower engagement ring, but we think the sapphire is the most elegant because of the bold color of the blue against the white and yellow gold. It’s classy, bold, and eye-catching. You might wish to find a different colored gemstone.

There’s a trend circulating where women want their birthstone incorporated into their engagement ring. Or, you could opt for a warm amber stone to reflect the season of spring.

Art Deco Diamonds And Emerald Engagement Ring

Art Deco is one of the most luxurious and elegant styles that oozes old-school class and charm. Art Deco is a movement of decorative arts and architecture in Europe and the US that started in the 1920s and 1930s – and is still just as popular today.

Camellia, an engagement ring designer in the US, sells a beautiful version of an Art Deco ring that features a bold emerald green stone on top. They chose emerald green as it’s symbolic of strength and growth – something you can associate with marriage.

Again, if you’re investing in a pricey engagement ring that has a bold stone on top that’s easy to catch the eye of thieves or is easy to knock and chip, it’s always worth checking out insurance packages that’ll ensure you never lose your ring.

Tulip Solitaire Ring

We told you the theme would be flowers, and the tulip represents perfect love – a fitting meaning for an engagement ring. The tulip solitaire ring is produced and sold by multiple designers – but the one sold by Clean Origin made it into the article. It’s a clean-cut, silver engagement ring that focuses on simplicity. Some people might not like this style because it is so simple – especially compared to the Art Deco and lotus flower designs.

Sometimes, however, simplicity is key. It’s easy to overcomplicate the design of an engagement ring by making it too big and clunky – although some women prefer a rock on their finger to show off. Still, if simplicity is your style, this is for you. Silver can be easy to get dirty, however, so you’ll need to ensure you regularly clean it to keep it in the best condition. Some experts recommend you should clean it once a week.

Any time of the year is the perfect time to get engaged – the seasons don’t necessarily influence love unless it’s Christmas or Valentine’s day. But, we think that spring is one of the most beautiful seasons to pop the question, and there are plenty of ring designs designed for a spring proposal. What style of engagement ring do you have your eye on?

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