20 DIY Draw So Cute Halloween Things on Paper

Halloween is not just fear and horror. There are so many things to make it really cute. The fun part of Halloween never dies with the scary skeletons, the deadly monsters, zombies, ghosts, the creepy crawlies and the haunted houses. Everything can be comfortably transformed into something super cute and super funny.

If you are planning a Halloween party to let your friends have a unique experience then add some fun to it. Instead of adding the horrible monsters all around to give a spooky appearance, start drawing Halloween things that are really cute for the party.

The idea of fun Halloween can be used for the kids’ Halloween party who are tired of the creepy and spooky Halloween parties. It is not a tedious task to do. All you need is just a few colors, a pencil and paper to make the cutest monsters and other Halloween characters. If you really want a different Halloween experience this year then try these ideas.

1. The Basic Sheet Ghost Drawing

how to draw so cute halloween ghost


Ghosts have never been so much fun. Check out this tutorial and you would enjoy a cute Casper like a ghost appearing on your paper.

2. The Loveable Devils for Halloween

how to draw so cute halloween devil


See how the devils can cheer you up at a spooky night.

3. The Cute Chopping AX

how to draw so cute halloween ax


It is difficult to think of an ax that can smile and look cute. It is possible now as such an ax can be drawn for your Halloween décor this year.

4. The Ugly Zombie Drawing

how to draw so cute zombie cartoon drawing


Really ugly, but, too cute for a Halloween poster on your wall. The tutorial says this all. Try drawing this zombie to bring some smiles.

5. The Super Cute Halloween Ghost

how to draw super cute ghost for halloween


It is difficult to think of a ghost that is not scary and spooky and brings happiness to all. Follow the tutorial step by step and let the spooky turn into fun.

6. An Easy To Draw Halloween Kitten

how to draw so cute halloween kitten with pumpkin


A Halloween kitten sitting on a pumpkin can make the little ones at the party enjoy the Halloween night.

7. The Easy Haunted House Drawing

how to draw so cute haunted house drawing


No matter how scary a haunted house can be, just explore the fun side by drawing this cute haunted house.

8. The Cute Witch for Halloween

how to draw so cute halloween witch


9. A Cute Devil Drawing

how to draw so cute halloween devil on paper


Don’t underestimate the power of pencil. If you have the creativity the devils can look cute too.

10. Cute Halloween Bat Drawing Tutorial

how to draw so cute halloween bat


Stop thinking of a weird bat, let your imagination fly high with this cute one this Halloween.

11. Adorable Pusheen Cat on Pumpkin Tutorial

how to draw so cute pusheen cat pumpkin and candies for halloween


Follow the tutorial and draw this cute pusheen cat on top of pumpkin.

12. Cute Halloween Ghost with Hat Tutorial

how to draw so cute halloween ghost with hat


All you need is a pencil and paper and then see the ghost with a hat this Halloween.

13. Super Sweet Jack Skellington Drawing

how to draw so cute jack skellington for halloween


Don’t get scared this Jack Skellington will only make you smile.

14. Cute Candy Corn Drawing

how to draw cute halloween candy corn drawing on paper


You won’t be able to resist this yummy candy corn this Halloween.

15. Ghosts in Love Drawing Tutorial

diy cute halloween love ghosts paper drawing


Let the cute ghosts pour their hearts out on this creepy Halloween night.

16. Cute Halloween Lollipop Drawing

how to draw cute halloween lollipop on paper


Tasty to eat and cute to watch, this Halloween lollipop is a great idea to draw.

17. Cute Halloween Pumpkin

how to draw diy cute halloween pumpkin on paper


A pumpkin with a smile and a cute gesture will make a great Halloween party this year.

18. Cute Frankenstein for Halloween

how to draw diy cute frankenstein for halloween


Don’t miss the chance of learning to draw the Frankenstein in a fun way.

19. Draw Cute Candy Treat for Halloween

diy cute halloween candy trick or treat drawing on paper


Give sweet candy treat to savor the fun buds of your friends this Halloween eve.

20. Draw So Cute Skeleton for Halloween

draw so cute halloween skeleton drawing on paper tutorial


Move your pencil and see the cute skeleton coming to life.

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