2020 Mens Hairstyles: 16 New Year Hair Styles For Men To Pick

You know what can stay with men and make them feel like they’re going to own 2020? A trending 2020 men’s hairstyles-haircut! As you enter the New Year, enter it with style and change your complete look starting with a spectacular hair makeover.

A perfect new hair style for young men can be a little hard to find when the internet is bombarding you with all kinds of hairstyles for male. But not every haircut is the one for you. You need to settle for a hair style that suits your face shape and looks good on you.

How To Pick Hairstyle For Men?

Picking a hairstyle that will compliment your facial features is very important, everybody has a different shape of the face. A hairstyle that looks amazing on David Beckham, doesn’t mean will look equally amazing on you. For two reasons, one you are not David Beckham and two, everybody has a different shape of the face. And you should always pick a hairstyle that suits your face best.

Another thing to remember when choosing a good hairstyle for yourself is to look at your own hair texture and type. If you have straight hair or curly hair or wavy and frizzy hair, your hairstyles will vary.

So before the year 2019 ends, pick a fantastic hairstyle from our collection of new hair style for men and say hello to the new you in style!

New Hair Styles 2020 For Young Men

2020 mens hairstyles

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1. The Classic Spikes

2020 classic spiky haircut for pretty men

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These classic spiky haircuts never go out of style. A hairstyle like this is great for any man regardless of his face shape. Normally straight hair tends to be more easily made into this hairstyle.

2. Crew Cut

crew cut hairstyle 2020 for decent men

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Another one of the classics is the crew cut haircut. You can rock it out with sides trimmed up or lightly faded leaving the top hair in short length.

3. Undercut with Curly locks

2020 curly undercut hairstyle for young men

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Curly hair dudes can embrace their curls with sides faded. Chopping off the curls from the back will give volume to the curly locks on the top.

4. Long Man Buns

man bun long hairstyle for 2020

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If you have hair long enough to be put into a man bun, you can surely give it a try. It’s a hairstyle only a few can pull off greatly, maybe you can too.

5. Faux Hawk Hairstyle

2020 faux hawk haircut for young males

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This hairstyle goes well with thick hair strands and a quiff with a faux hawk style will give you more volume. Chopping the sides is also a good idea.

6. Brushed Back Hairstyle with Edged Undercut

brushed back 2020 haircut for men

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Light faded undercuts are trending high with brushed back locks of hair on the top.

7. Pompadour Haircut

pompadour hairstyle for men in 2020

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High fades with a pompadour haircut adds lushness to your hair.

8. Smooth Pulled Back Hairstyle

men smooth haircut pulled back 2020

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Undercut hairstyle with pulled back hair with gel will give your hair a sleeked look.

9. Long Messy Blonde Hair

extra volume messy haircut for young men in 2020

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Long volume textured messy haircut is the perfect go to hairstyle for everyday outing.

10. Quiff with A Loose Strand

pretty mens quiff Hairstyle with loose strand for 2020

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A perfect hairstyle to pull off for guys with structured jawlines and cheekbones.

11. Combed Sideline Hairstyle

side line combed 2020 hairstyle for modern men

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Comb those luscious locks from top side and trim the rest of the hair short.

12. Classic Curls

beautiful men curly hair style for 2020

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Blessed with crazy curls? Worry not and embrace them with a casual textured hairstyle which can easily be managed with finger combing.

13. Buzz Cut

buzz cut hair style 2020 for professional men

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The most low maintenance and simple haircut to get for a busy guy is the buzz cut.

14. High Fade Quiff

stylish high fade quiff haircut 2020 for cute men

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This attractive hairstyle with faded undercut is an excellent way to change your look for New Year.

15. Side Swept

side swept hair style 2020 for classic men looks

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To pull this cute and trendy haircut you have to sweep your hair on the side and bring out a clear fresh side hairline.

16. Short Fauxhawk

short faux hawk haircut 2020

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A trendy haircut which only suits some guys few in number. Adding faded undercuts will bring all the attention to the fauxhawk.

You can expect these hairstyles to trend big time in the coming year of 2020. Men’s fashion industry is growing bigger day by day and with hairstylists and experts learning new techniques, these hairstyles are definitely here to stay.

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  1. The pompadour is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a great hybrid of the old-school retro with a mix of a contemporary look. Going to try out something different and I’m glad that I get to know these trendy hairstyles.

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