25 Hairstyles for Curly and Wavy Hair Trending in 2017

Curly and wavy hair is the hardest thing to manage as per the ladies who have them. Now it is time to feel confident about your curly and wavy hair and consider them a complete hairstyle without any need of further adornment. In fact, there are innumerable hairstyles for Curly and Wavy Hair that will change your look entirely, and you will never have to worry about your hair manageability again. Below are 25 exceptional hairstyles for curly and wavy hair that will make you the center of attention:

1. Bob Hairstyle

bob hairstyle for thick wavy hair

A simple bob hairstyle is all you need for a contemporary look. The length and dye of the bob can vary according to your choice.

2. Twist and Pin Half-Up Hairstyle


This one is a beauty indeed. Pin your curly/wavy hair half-up for a twisted look and you are done with a great hairdo!

3. Ponytail with Side Braid

curly ponytail with a side braid

The easiest thing to do is to make a side braid with your curly/wavy hair and tie everything up into a ponytail. Your hair volume will do the trick.

4. Side Fishtail Braid

side fishtail braid for wavy hair

Leave your long hair open with your head adorned with a pretty side fishtail braid.

5. Half-Up Hairstyle with Extreme Curls

curly half-up hairstyle

This simple hairdo is ideal for girls having curly hair. You can also opt for it to redefine the look of your permed hair.

6. Shoulder Length Brunette Lob

medium wavy hairstyle for thick hair

If you want a stylish lob, then this one would be perfect with any kind of hair variations.

7. Shoulder Length Balayage Bedhead

shoulder length brown balayage lob

As Balayage styles are in nowadays, so pick this messy bedhead hairstyle for an unconventional look.

8. Thick Defined Waves

mid-length thick curly gray hairstyle

These waves or loose curls will give great volume to your hair.

9. Choppy Textured Bob

choppy wavy bob hairstyle

While being a bob, this one has a choppy texture to add substance to the entire outlook.

10. Side part Balayage

medium side part hairstyle for thick hair

You can try the simple Balayage for your hair with light waves and side part.

11. Long curls

black hair with brown blonde balayage

With nice golden streaks moving along your hair, these thick, long curls will give your face a nice frame.

12. Tousled Choppy Waves


This one will be a smashing option for casual parties.

13. Brown Shag with Highlights


It is an elegant haircut for naturally wavy hair. Consider adding some layers, too.

Image credit: therighthairstyles.com

14. Banged Soft Waves


Bolster your wavy hairstyle with thick bangs covering the forehead.

15. Spiral Curls


For giving a unique touch to your waves, turn them into spiral curls.

16. Short Asymmetrical Hairdo


These streaked short bob with an asymmetrical look is the next big thing!

17. Graduated Angled Bob


Yet another variation of a bob for wavy hair.

18. Wavy Updo with Side Swept Bangs


All you need to do is tie your Wavy hair into a messy bun and adorn your hairstyle with side swept wavy bangs.

19. Wavy Bun


Here is a bun variation for the bun-lovers.

20. Half Ponytail


And don’t forget the half ponytail!

21. Stacked bob


Bobs will never go out of fashion. Here is another one for our wavy beauties.

22. Vintage Updo


This Vintage Updo will turn all heads around to your wavy/curly hair.

23. Messy Milkmaid Braid


Leave your waves to frame your face with this pretty braid to embellish your crown.

24. Layered Haircut


Waves meet Layers; a deadly combination indeed!

25. Knotted Updo


For your evening out or formal gatherings, just tie your waves together and get your dream updo.


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