25 Simple Cute Small Henna Design Ideas

If you are concerned about getting a tattoo body art, then small henna symbol will surely give a European look. Body art Mehndi is best and can be applied in a variety of colors. You can get designs from simple to complex ones. Just make sure to not to go with an overrated look which makes your personality out of style. Go unique and get exclusive small henna pattern as a substitute of the tattoo. Instead of Googling for more designs, select a design according to your choice.

Henna is made up with dried leaves of Henna tree and is mixed in water before application. However, all these years, henna is now known as the fashion asset because it is safe to use for everyone and is a perfect substitute for permanent tattoos. The small henna designs can be worn by women of every age and suits everyone.

Even pregnant women can apply small henna designs or intricate patterns without worrying about-facing any issues of side effects. Henna does vary in color. In many countries, it is now available in white shade to enhance the design. The standard colors available in the markets are black, orange, red, and maroon shade. It easily wears off in two to four weeks depending on the quality.

The importance of Henna cannot be denied in eastern countries. With the innovation in designs, the exceptional henna patterns have been changed into an art form. In eastern countries, henna highlights the legacy and culture. While Indian and Arabic mehndi patterns are providing great inspirations to almost everyone.

Henna is a native plant that plays a major role in the joyous ceremonies that range from festivities, and wedding celebrations. In the past, prized animals were decorated or stamped with henna by owners. However, women of Egypt used it as a hair-dying agent. Over the last years, henna is popular in the US and other foreign countries. Many vendors offer small henna designs that resemble tattoos and remain on skin for more than four weeks.

Henna simply rocks, it is the inseparable part of Asian cultures. The popularity of henna tattoo designs is increasing and getting mixed with different cultures. The semi-permanent ink gives amazing temporary tattoos without causing pain or hurting the skin. You do not have to go through painful processes for getting inked. Whether you need geometric designs, large patterns, or wild symbols, reachout to your nearest henna expert and get going.

You have to accept the truth that elaborated and big mehndi designs have gone out of style. So, it is best to apply small henna designs that give a unique appeal and look cute. The small patterns can be integrated or paired with larger designs as well but small motifs provides a representative element that depicts deeper meaning. Therefore, if this time you want to keep the designs minimalistic and simple then check out the designs below.

Are you tempted to get the small henna designs? Then check out the amazing mehndi designs below.

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1. Intertwining leafy wreath design

small henna leaf design

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2. Yin Yang leg tattoo pattern

Ying yang henna tattoo

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3. Beauty bone half mandala design

half mandala temporary henna tattoo

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4. Beautiful Yin Yang dream catcher

yin-yang henna design

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5. Crescent moon design on back

Crescent Moon Henna

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6. Beautiful dream catcher

Henna design Dream catcher

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7. Simple Sun, moon and Stars henna design

sun moon and stars henna tattoo

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8. Simple mehndi design for hands

easy simple mehndi henna design for hands

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9. Henna tattoo of feather and Birds

Henna feather and birds

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10. Love Rose henna tattoo

glittery henna roses

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11. Simple Henna Small Patterns

cute small henna tattoo patterns

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12. Summer temporary tattoos

small anchor henna tattoo design on wrist

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13. Perfect belly Tattoo design

small henna belly design

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14. Exceptional arm henna geometrical patterns

Geometric henna patterns

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15. Lotus wrist tattoo

lotus henna design

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16. Cute Minimalistic Sun design

sun henna design

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17. Pretty Sun henna tattoo

henna pattern sun

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18. Geometrical wrist henna design

geometric henna designs

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19. Pretty and simple arm design

small henna pattern for arm

Credit: Pinterest

20. Cute turtle henna pattern

Cute turtle henna design

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21. Small wrist bee crown henna design

Small wrist bee crown henna design

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22. Let me fly

dove henna design

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23. Exceptional henna art

henna leaf design

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24. Yin Yang Cute Henna tattoo

cute yin yang henna design

Credit: Pinterest

25. Infinity Symbol flower henna

Infinity flower henna

Credit: Pinterest

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