30+ Most Funny Grumpy Cat Pictures And Memes

You might have stumbled upon the internet sensation Grumpy Cat Pictures that are posted or shared by thousands of friends online or on different social platforms. Her photo was first posted in 2012 on Reddit by the owner of the cat that was photo shopped along with some videos posted on YouTube. Within seconds, the grumpy cat pics and videos got viral. The cat got popularity in no time.

Are you wondering why the cat is known as a Grumpy cat even though the breed is Tardar Sauce. You might have observed the Grumpy Cat images which are well known for her permanent facial expression GRUMPY. She got prominent when the owner of the cat posted the photo on the social website. We cannot deny her importance on the internet because she is a popular internet meme that gives negative comments.

Are the grumpy cat images photoshopped? Yes, they do are photo shopped, but the expression of the cat is real. The grumpy face of the cat is because of the placement of teeth in the mouth as well as due to the feline dwarfism. The breed of cat is not easy to handle because she is not friendly with people she does not know often.

Now Grumpy Cat is so popular that she has her website as well as official Facebook Page. Users can buy stuff like t-shirts, caps, calendars, mugs or even stuffed toy with printed grumpy cat pics. Some of the featured items are available on the website. Grumpy Cat is one of the internet celebrity that stayed for so long and still grumpy cat photos appears on Facebook or Instagram.

You will be truly amazed about the statistics of the grumpy cat pictures, which gained more than 2 million views in 2 days. The cat owns a perpetual frown and is a form of dwarfism. Owner Bundesen was able to generate $100 million from the appearances of Grumpy Cat as a model in magazines and book deals. The owner of Cat says, “Grumpy Cat popularity is unstoppable.” The cat also has a brother POKEY as well. Yes, Grumpy Cat is not so cranky or angry despite funny feline frown; she is a happy cat.

Grumpy cat pictures give the idea to the viewers that the cat is very annoying, but she is unique in reality. The cat has a flat face, short tail and bubble eyes. The back legs are long in size than front legs due to which she wobbles while walking. According to the veterinarians, cat is neurologically and genetically like this in shape and size. However, the cranky, grumpy cat is healthy and happy. The appearance of grumpy cat is available in many game show and live shows. However, the cat is also interviewed for Forbes.

Therefore, do you want to browse the grumpy cat pictures-memes to share with your friends? You can also edit the pictures to make memes according to your needs. Browse the pictures and laugh.

1. Are you onion lover? Grumpy cat is not

I like onions they make people cry

image source

2. Is anything funny?

Do you want to know something funny? Nope

image source

3. Did I unfriended Grumpy Cat?

people unfriend you good

image source

4. OMG what you are upto?


image source

5. I am a despicable Cat

best Grumpy Cat images

image source

6. Please Shut Up

i like the sound you make when you shut up

image source

7. Monday or Tuesday?

Tuesday is just Monday's ugly sister

image source

8. Zombies will eat your brains

zombies eat brains...

image source

9. Would you like to have a long walk?

i like long walks

image source

10. I hate you seriously

when life gives you lemons

image source

11. Why aren’t you dead?

the problem with some people is that they are still alive

image source

12. Love is in the air

love is in the air?

image source

13. Little time is better

so many reasons to be grumpy

image source

14. Am I your good neighbor?

like a good neighbor

image source

15. You suck? Or lemonade

unless life also gives you water and sugar

image source

16. Isn’t it a beautiful day?

what a beautiful day

image source

17. Is it your birthday?

i ate him

image source

18. I hate birthdays

i hate birthdays

image source

19. I hate no one

i hate you

image source

20. I love candies

those candy canes

image source

21. Want to find true love?

Want to find true love?

image source

22. Its my birthday?

happy birthday

image source

23. Friendship is over

friendship is overrated

image source

24. I am pissed

I am pissed

image source

25. I hate you in everyway

I hate you anyway

image source

26. Are you happy?

Are you happy? Go to hell

image source

27. I cannot live without you

I cannot live without you i can

image source

28. Kinda huggy

feeling Kinda huggy

image source

29. I don’t Photoshop


image source

30. Grumpy Favorite Poem

Grumpy Favorite Poem

image source

31. Do not vote this time

Do not vote this time

image source

32. I need you

I need you

image source

33. I am Embarrased

you're embarrassing me good

image source

Hope you will like the amazing and funny Grumpy Cat pictures.

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