5 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Spring

Phew…we made it through the winter! If you’re ready to break out of the rut you’ve got into with dark days, cold weather and central heating, why not start by getting your house ready for spring? Here are five of the best ways to brighten your home in time for the sunshine.

1. Bring in fresh flowers.

Adding fresh flowers and house plants is a quick, easy and low-maintenance way to brighten up your home. If you’re growing your own plants outdoors to later bring inside, deter unwelcome visitors – the neighbours cat, for instance – by using plants such as Coleus Canina from You Garden. Then, once safely inside, why not place your blooms in colourful vases? Quirky designs, interesting shapes and vibrant tones will add a sense of joviality and playfulness to your home this spring.

2. Add mirrors and light-reflecting materials.

Another way to brighten your home is to bounce some natural light around it. Hang large mirrors opposite windows and introduce objects with reflective surfaces. For example, display candle sticks, cutlery, photo frames and furniture if they use glass, metal or clear plastic; these kinds of materials will reflect light around a room rather than simply absorbing it, meaning you’re going to feel energised and spritely just by being in a well-lit space!

3. Paint the walls white.

Nothing brightens up a space quicker than a fresh lick of paint. But how about taking it to the next level by decorating the walls white? So long as you pick a white with a warm base to it, you’ll avoid the ‘clinical’, cold look and end up with something that feels like an art gallery instead: it’s fresh, modern and a neutral backdrop for all bright colours of spring! While you’re at it, why not remove some of the contents of your home? Spring is a time for renewal – a feeling you could achieve by storing the rugs away until winter, or stashing some of your books and DVDs in favour of introducing fresh spring branches and candles.

4. Hang some new art work.

Perhaps your posters, prints and paintings could do with refreshing, or maybe you’ve never felt brave enough to put something on display! Either way, now’s is the perfect time to introduce some new art work in to your home. Go with your gut and hang pieces that make you feel happy – whether it’s a bright and bold installation, a quirky light display, or a simple charcoal drawing… a new focal point for a room will make your home feel as though new life has been breathed into it.

5. Update your upholstery.

Throughout the winter months, you were probably taking comfort in materials such as fur, tweed and velvet. And why not? After all, they’re plush, cosy fabrics that make you want to settle in for the evening with a glass of wine and a good TV box set… but, during the spring and summer months, these fabrics can seem a bit ‘heavy’. Now’s the perfect time to switch it up – replace your cushions, bed throws, duvet sets, curtains and table linen with lighter materials. For example, swap your cushion covers for printed cotton and hang light linen from the curtain runners. Lightweight blankets will be perfect for summer evenings as the sun sets, and even your bathroom will look cheerier with a colourful bath towel!

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