Anastasiya Shpagina Real Life Human Barbie

Fashionable Human Barbie girls are increasing with their appearance popping up and want to become famous from their cute looks. Anastasiya Shpagina a Barbie living in Ukraine is popular on Internet these days with the inspiration from Japanese Animated Cartoon Character Cosplay.

Her Appearance is surprising for many with her excessive makeup making eyeliner shape like the Anime Cartoon Characters. To cover your doubts about her being real, we have collected her pictures and a video that will clear your imagination about her being Cartoon Character. There are not much details about her other then pictures and video but as the time passes more details will be on the net, For the moment enjoy seen the real-life human barbie. The trend of the barbie dolls will likely come more prominently in the future as it the best way to become popular celebrity,  however, please share with us your thoughts about Anastasiya Shpagina, the real life human barbie looks!

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