20 Beautiful Aster Flower Tattoo Design Ideas

If you’re not sure about which flower to get as a tattoo or your zodiac sign is Virgo, then go for Aster tattoo. Aster flower has a history that is as ancient as Greece, Greeks believed that Aster flowers are made from the space dust. When goddess Astraea cried and looks from the sky, her tears turned into beautiful aster flowers.

It was also believed that perfume from the burning of this plant’s leaves could drive evil serpents away.

Aster flower also symbolizes love, patience, beauty, wisdom and courage. As Aster flower is a flower of 9th month of the year, i.e. September, so Aster flower is very popular as September birth flower tattoo.

Due to its beauty and delicateness, this is a very feminine tattoo. The best places to get this tattoo is on the shoulder, arm, back, side torso or foot. You can get this tattoo along with some other flowers, vines and butterflies. Some people prefer to get tattooed with other flowers which symbolize the birth month of their love ones. These tattoos are very artful, which is very appealing for today’s youth. Aster flowers can be tattooed according to your choice of colors. White aster flower tattoo means, ‘I love you more than you love me’.

But before you leave your home to get a tattoo, you should follow some instructions:

★ Do a thorough research on which kind of tattoo you want. And take your reference material with you to the tattoo studio.

★ If you’ve any medical condition, it’s better to inform your tattoo designer beforehand.

★ Always look for an artist who has years of experience to design a perfect tattoo.

★ Only opt for a large and detailed tattoo if you can bear the pain.

★ It’s better to shave the area where you want to get a tattoo. You don’t want hair in your tattoo.

Check out some of the Aster flower tattoo ideas which are both beautiful and popular. So, if you’re planning to get a tattoo get one of them.

Minimal Ink Geometrical Aster Flower

Geometrical Aster Flower Tattoo With Minimal Ink

image credit

Blue Aster Flower with Leaves on Back Shoulder

blue aster flower tattoo with green leaves

image credit

Black Watercolor Aster Flower

Black Watercolor Aster Flower Tattoo

image credit

Artistic Purple Flower on Foot

Aster flower Tattoo by Veronica Dey

image credit

Birth Flower Tattoos on Shoulder

birth flowers, Aster, Rose and daffodil tattoo on shoulder

image credit

Black & White Detailed Floral Tattoo Piece

black and white detailed floral tattoo on side thigh

image credit

Black and White Aster Flower on Back

black and white aster flower tattoo on back

image credit

Sexy Colorful Flowers Tattoo on Chest

colorful flowers tattoo aster, gladiolus,marigold on chest

image credit

Aster Flower Diagram

Aster Flower tattoo Diagram

image credit

Big Artistic Watercolor September Birth Flower

Artistic Large Watercolor September Birth Flower Tattoo on Arm

image credit

Meaningful Yellow And Blue Birth Flowers with Names

birth flowers daffodil and aster tattoo on side ribs

image credit

September birth flower Aster tattoo

September birth flower aster tattoo on back

image credit

Beautiful Aster Flower back tattoo

Beautiful Aster Flower tattoo on back

image credit

Appealing Black And Grey Aster Flower Tattooed On Wrist

Black And Grey Aster Flower tattoo On Wrist

image credit

Attractive Pink & Blue Aster Flowers

September birth flowers Aster Tattoos

image credit

Long Vine Of Aster And Pansy Flowers

Vine Of Aster And Pansy Flowers tattoo On Side Ribs

image credit

August September November Birth Flowers

Beautiful Tattoo Of August, September And November Birth Month's Flowers

image credit

Large Attractive Black & White Aster Flower On Foot

black and white aster flower tattoo on foot

image credit

Artistic Vision Of Vintage Birth Flowers

Daffodil and Aster Flower tattoo on side ribs

image credit

Simple Delicate Small Black And White Aster Flowers

small aster flowers tattoo designs on chest

image credit

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