15 Hilariously Bad Family Christmas Pictures

Christmas is all about getting together with your friends and family, this is a magical time for everyone. Some traditions make Christmas complete, like, opening presents, drinking hot cocoa in front of the fireplace, making ugly Christmas sweaters, and taking family pictures. The funny thing about these pictures is that you never know what you will end up with.

No one can avoid awkward and bad family photos on Christmas. Sometimes these are planned, but most of the time they might not seem funny at first, but when you look at them again after a few years, they will make you go “What was I thinking?”

With Christmas around the corner, we have chosen 15 awkward, funny and bad family Christmas pictures for you:

1. Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year:

hilariously bad expressions family photo for christmas

image credit

Christmas is all about spreading love and laughter. Well, not for this family.

2. Grinch Hates Christmas Family Picture:

hilariously bad christmas picture outfits

image credit

Dressing up as Grinch on Christmas is both bad and funny. This picture might look bad but you have got to give it to the father who is fully committed to the role of the Grinch.

3. Silent Night Christmas Family Picture:

hilariously bad idea of family christmas card pictures

image credit

The parents can finally relax on Christmas now that the kids can’t make a sound.

4. Lights Up Christmas Picture Ideas:

funny bad christmas card picture ideas

image credit

These guys are fully committed to the role of a Christmas tree. This is both bad and a hilarious Christmas picture.

5. Ornaments Family Christmas Photos:

hilariously worst family christmas picture ideas

image credit

This family can win the best costume contest this Christmas. What can be more festive than this?

6. Crazy Elf Family Christmas Pics:

hilariously funny christmas card picture ideas

image credit

This family knows how to take Christmas family cards to the next level. And the best part is, they also included the dogs.

7. Creative Family Christmas Photos:

hilarious funny family christmas photo ideas

image credit

Tape the naughty kid to the wall and have a nice Christmas.

8. Lighting Up The Christmas Lights:

hilarious bad family diy christmas card photo ideas

image credit

Their family Christmas picture is electrifying.

9. In Jail Family Christmas Picture:

funny bad christmas picture ideas

image credit

This family Christmas card will give a good scare to their parents.

10. Presents For You:

worst funny christmas family picture ideas

image credit

Why give presents to people when you are the gift.

11. Staching Through The Snow:

hilariously bad christmas greeting card photo ideas

image credit

A good pun and a fun family portrait. What could go wrong? This will surely make people say that this is bad.

12. Christmas Tree Decorations Family Picture:

bad ideas for family christmas picture

image credit

This family is a little too excited for Christmas.

13. The Cool Family On The Block:

worst ideas of family christmas pictures

image credit

You got to maintain your standards. Even in family Christmas pictures.

14. Christmas Costumes Family Picture:

awkward family christmas photos

image credit

This family believes in Santa a little too much. Christmas tree, presents, Santa clause, or elves, you name it, you can find them all in this picture.

15. Awkward Christmas Family Picture:

bad family christmas card picture ideas

image credit

When you make your children pose for the Christmas family picture, this is the result.

If you have some bad family Christmas pictures, make sure to comment them down below. We would love to check them out.

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