Creative & Latest Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Hands

Henna(Mehndi) is a temporary dye for decorating body parts such as arms, hands, legs, feet, back and shoulder of women in the subcontinent countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, also its social tradition and a cultural norm for Arabic women to decorate their skin with a jewelry known as Henna.

Mehndi is a beautiful body art painting which is now very famous in Western Community, Europe, Africa and other parts of the World also, because its more natural than various Inks used for making body tattoos, it is a naturally created powder with henna plant leaf for temporary beautification of various body parts of girls with henna pattern designs.

beautiful mehndi designs

Mehandi designs types are Indian Mehendi Designs, Pakistani Mehndi Design, Arabic Henna Patterns and also Indo-Arabic Mehndi Design. The beautiful subcontinental Henna Designs are Peacocks, Flowers and leaves, also used with multi-colors and glitter. The creative Mehndi Patterns are more complex such as curls and curves, Geometric Flowers, Paisley elements, Mughlai Mehndi patterns. Arab Mehndi Designs are more complex with lots of motifs, veins, flowers for more elegant beauty for bridal makeup, Eid Celebration and other festive parties.

Henna hand designs is the first choice of fashion among women, most girls these days love Henna patterns that are beautiful as well as creative trending in the fashion market. The practice of applying henna is used for centuries on big occasions such as wedding event, henna ceremony, Eid, Diwali and many other functions. Girls search for lovely and attractive Henna patterns sketch for cohesive look amongst other women in these festivals and parties, Here are the latest ideas of innovating and pleasing mehndi design pictures for you to decorate your hands and feet.

Creative mehndi designs for 2022

Most of the girls always remain in search of lovely designs to wear on special occasions. So check out these beautiful and creative mehndi designs pictures which you can apply on Eid, wedding or any occasion.

henna hand designs

1. Half Moon Henna

Half Moon Henna is a new mehndi pattern which lets the girls decorate their half side of the hands, the style is simple and sophisticated, this pattern design is usually applied on Eid or any religious festival. Girls prefer to keep their henna elegant and simple so that they will look lovely and graceful, take a look at various styles pictures.

half moon henna design

Photo Credit: She ideas

half moon henna art

Photo Credit: Styles at life

half moon henna style

Photo Credit: Pinterest

half moon henna picture

Photo Credit: Planet Zuri

2. Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Henna is immensely creative in design, it is applied in the traditional style and hands are fully covered with beautiful mehndi patterns. Bridal mehndi patterns are just breathtaking and divine in style, some of the styles of Bridal mehndi are as follows.

bridal henna design

Photo credit: Fashion

bridal mehndi design for hands

Photo credit: Best Stylo

bridal mehndi

Photo Credit: Sparkle

mehndi bridal

Photo credit: My mehndi design

3. Thick Mehndi Henna

The henna pattern in thick and bold deign looks very creative, It intricates the traditional Indian mehndi style, the tip of the cone is wide and fat. The hands look very charming and appealing if creative mehndi designs are applied, see the other thick mehndi images.

Thick Mehndi Art

Photo Credit: Makeup review

Thick Mehndi design

Photo Credit: Paki Fashion

Thick Mehndi Pattern

Photo Credit: Xcite Fun

Thick Mehndi

Photo credit: Best stylo

4. Floral Henna designs

Girls love the cute and delicate flower henna designs, they look very elegant and adorable. Every single flower mehndi design on the hand looks beautiful and attractive.

flower henna designs

Photo Credit: Pinterest

henna flower design

Photo Credit: Styles at life

henna flower picture

Photo Credit: Pinterest

5. Round Mehndi Designs for Hands

Every girl loves round tikka mehndi art, it is the old style, but latest designs have expanded. It is best to keep in touch with the tradition and modern styles.

circle mehndi design for hand

Photo credit: Pinterest

round mehndi design for hand

Photo credit: Style Glamor

round shape mehndi design

Photo credit: She Ideas

6. Arabic Henna

Arabian mehndi designs are very creative and beautiful, these are perfect for those who do not want to apply filled mehndi. There are spaces left in hand and they emphasize the delicate features. The hands look elegant and beautiful, check out the amazing pattern photos.

arabic mehndi art

Photo Credit: Beauty Epic

arabic mehndi design

Photo Credit: Pinterest

arabic mehndi designs for hands

Photo Credit: Piercing models

mehndi designs arabic

Photo Credit: Best Love

7. Shaded Mehndi design

The blend of light and dark mehndi paste gives a perfect look, they look elegant and is the latest way to put the mehndi pattern. The style of shaded henna looks attractive as well as trendy.

shaded mehndi design

Photo Credit: Plus Life Styles

shaded mehndi

Photo credit: Bridal Box

shading mehndi designs arabic

Photo Credit: Best Stylo

 8. Bail Mehndi

The single bail mehndi pattern looks very stylish, Its creative and are perfect for every occasion, they look pretty as well as charming. The attractive bail henna styles are everyone’s favorite for almost every age of women.

bail mehndi design

Photo Credit:Best Stylo

bale mehndi design

Photo Credit:Best Stylo

mehndi bail design hand

Photo Credit: Pinterest

These are all creative and beautiful henna designs, you can apply them on any occasion to have beautiful, attractive hands!

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