30+ Best Small Tattoo Designs & Ideas for 2019

Tattoos can be inked in any size and of any shape. As tattoos are now inked as a fashion accessory, it is mostly adored in small size as compared to full size. It is true that small tattoos look elegant, cute and surely boost the beauty but getting a small tattoo won’t be a daunting experience. The pain for getting a tattoo will surely by temporary but the ink will leave you in awe. There are numerous tattoo ideas which vary from mountains to anchors, trees, and nature.

Every tattoo pattern owns a significant and reliable meaning but it is best to stay creative and due to which we have gathered the famous collection for inspiration. These simple yet modern tattoos will look trendy and appealing for a longer time.

Get to know the best small tattoos which are in vogue 2018.

1. Birdie tattoos

matching small bird tattoos for best friends

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small bird tattoo design on ring finger

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Want to fly free? Go for birdie tattoo. Mostly birdie tattoos are hummingbirds which give trendy look and very eye-catching. The tattoo looks appealing and surely enhances beauty.

2. Birth Year Tattoo

birth year tattoo on inner forearm

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year tattoo designs for couples

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Birth year tattoo is simple and looks very creative. You can ink your birth year or any of your loved ones.

3. Matching Red Lines

matching line tattoo on fingers for couples

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Minimal Curved Lines are trending that makes a letter “M” tattooed by Kylie Jenner on sides of pinky fingers. The red lines denote heartbeat and means forever.

4. Name Initials

name initial tattoo on wrist

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ring finger tattoo designs

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Name initials inked on finger are one of the popular ways to show your fun side. People who are fun and makes feel other comfortable prefer to get this tattoo.

5. Angel Wing

wrist tattoo ideas

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Show that you are blessed with the mercy or tell others about your guardian angel by getting an Angel wing.

6. Olympic rings

athletics tattoo design on arm

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colorful olympic rings tattoo on collarbone

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Many gymnast or athletes tattoo their arm or wrist with Olympic rings.

7. Butterfly

minimal tattoo design ideas

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Are you carefree enough to get a butterfly?

8. Holy Symbol

trinity knot tattoo

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cross tattoo on ankle

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small tattoo design on finger

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Holy symbols are small in size. Even the holy words can also be inked relevant to the image. They depict strong faith in religion.

9. Family Initial Tattoo

family tattoo ideas

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If you are one of those who love their family members, it is perfect to engrave your family name or the initials elegantly.

10. Smiley

tiny tattoo designs and ideas for finger

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Want to keep the tattoo simple? Go for a classic and elegant smiley.

11. Female Symbol

ankle tattoo ideas

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forearm tattoo designs

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Are you very girly? A female symbol is the best small tattoo. It is popular and looks adorable.

12. Tea Pattern

trending tattoo ideas 2019

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The best option for tea lovers.

13. Ying Yang Pattern

small wrist tattoo

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For a creative or black and white tattoo, it is a wise option.

14. Angel Tattoo

tiny back neck tattoo ideas

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Think yourself as guided by an angel? Go for it.

15. Star Symbol

cute tattoo ideas on ankle

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cute ankle tattoo

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cute wrist tattoo

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Stars are a sign of glamour and they symbolize richness. Star tattoos can be varied according to the corners means you can ink star with four, five or even with six sides.

16. Floral Tattoos

feminine tattoo ideas

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behind ear tattoo designs

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Floral tattoos are feminine tattoos and they never get out of date. They can be inked on shoulders, behind an ear, on a finger, ankle, and a foot or even on hands. There are almost thousands of patterns and designs in floral best small tattoos. They depict love, soft nature and independence.

17. Outline Tattoos

small heart tattoo on collarbone

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minimal tattoo behind ear

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These tattoos are small and look really sweet in any almost any shape.

18. Broken Hearts

finger tattoo designs

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broken heart tattoo

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Are you betrayed by your ex? Going for a broken heart on your finger is not a bad option.

19. Moon Pattern

couples tattoo ideas

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small forearm tattoo

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Getting small moon indicates you aim high.

20. Text Tattoo

love tattoo designs

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female tattoo ideas

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Text small tattoos can be the initials of best friends, lovers or anyone adored. Courageous words like hope, love, life, live, free and etc are preferred.

21. Music Tattoo

music note tattoo

image credit

Love for music is eternal and if you are a music lover do get this small elegant piece on your body to show your love for music.

22. Red Lips

girls tattoo design

image credit

For a deep possessive love, red lips are the perfect option.

23. Crown Tattoo

female finger tattoos

image credit

Think yourself as a princess?

24. Anchor Tattoo

cute small tattoo

image credit

This tattoo is ideal for ambitious and career oriented people.

25. Lion Pattern

tattoo ideas back of neck

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The face of lion symbolize that you own dominating nature.

26. Leaf Tattoo

tiny forearm tattoo

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pinky finger tattoo

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side wrist tattoo

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Are you a nature fan? Go for the leaf pattern.

27. Abstract Design

men forearm tattoo

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watercolor tattoo ideas

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Abstract intricate design or detailing always looks appealing.

28. Skull Tattoo

wrist tattoos for men

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When it comes to a tattoo, skull used to be the most demanding pattern.

29. Feather Tattoo

small feather tattoo designs

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Feathers look fabulous on almost every body part. You can get it inked on arms, wrist, belly or even on ankles. It is popular because of its association with birds and depicts charm as well as the elegance of the person.

30. Heart Tattoo

subtle collarbone tattoo

image credit

It is mostly inked by lovers and highly in demand because of the heart shape. It showcases romantic attitude and depicts that you have a soft love corner.

31. Bow Tattoos

cute wrist tattoos

image credit

Bow tattoos are cute and eye-catching. They do not hold any specific meaning but are appealing. Women can ink bow tattoos in many abstract designs.


So want to get the best small tattoo? Select from the above designs and get it done. It will surely stand out your appearance. Do not forget to mention in a comment about your favorite tattoo design.

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