12 Classic Ideas for Big Tattoos that are Worth-Trying!

Tattoos have always been a unique way of expressing one’s personality. Innumerable tattoo styles are there but nothing can beat the magic of big tattoos. Big tattoos placed on your body add style to your entire personality. Their impact can range from being subtle to strong and long-lasting. But whatever you opt for, big tattoos just give your body the finest words to express your feelings. Below are the 12 classic categories to consider if you are looking for a dynamic tattoo idea:

1. 3D tattoos

big 3d spider tattoo

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This category of big tattoos will give you some larger than life tattoo styles in any orientation you want. No matter which style you pick in this category, each one of them has its own way of blowing life into the static images.

2. Egyptian tattoos


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Egypt has been the center of ancient creativity for years. Now you can add that majestic touch to your big tattoos by adding the Egyptian creativity to it. It is all about having a depiction of Egyptian culture on your body in an engrossing style and shape.

3. Celtic tattoos

celtic tattoo

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These big tattoos will help you redefine your manner of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and paying a tribute to his efforts with these unique images.

4. Tribal tattoos

tribal tattoo

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These big tattoos will remind the onlookers of the ancient tribes and the strange rituals they carried out to depict various aspects of their life and surroundings. But don’t expect them to be something ordinary; tribal tattoos are far more charismatic than you can think of!

5. Traditional tattoos

traditional tattoo ideas

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In this category, either you can avail the basic big tattoo styles that you find commonly with the tattoo lovers; or the contemporary version of these tattoos featuring mermaids, nautical star, anchor tattoos and other such out-of-the-box stuff. It can also include various tribal depictions on demand.

6. Memorial tattoos

memorial tattoos

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This category presents a new means of remembering your beloved ones or the heroes who are no more with us in this world. Relive your memories with these gracious tattoo ideas.

7. Religious tattoos

religious tattoos

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Give boost to your religious beliefs and values by empowering your body with one of these powerful big tattoos.

8. Aztec tattoos

aztec tattoos

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Add the Mexican flavor to your style by opting for one of these classic Aztec tattoos. Whether it is a collection of strange symbols or just some random image depicting the Aztec belief of nature being sacred, these big tattoos will amaze you with their charm.

9. Biomechanical tattoos

biomechanical tattoos

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Now you can have one of the astonishing biomechanical motifs as your very own tattoo. This perfect amalgamation of biological and mechanical patterns will leave a strong jaw-dropping effect on the onlookers.

10. Dragon tattoos

dragon tattoos

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Don’t be afraid of the dragon anymore. This big tattoo category includes magnificent dragon images that will enhance your skin into a larger than life canvas depicting the rage and grandeur of the real dragon.

11. Lion tattoos

lion tattoos

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How can we skip this majestic creature when we are looking for an eye-catching big tattoo? Lion symbolizes strength, courage and fearlessness. So you would be a true dare devil to opt for this one!

12. Maori tattoos

maori tattoos

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Big tattoos with spirals and spikes put together in unique patterns are actually the tattoos from the Maori tribe in New Zealand. These extraordinary motifs will never fail to impress others.

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