25+ Wonderful Cornflower Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

Cornflower tattoo own a great significance in history and are still popular in the modern era because of great artsy look. Cornflower tattoos are amazing and possess great patterns. Their delicate, understandable and simple pattern depicts cornflower is beautiful.

The general symbolism of cornflower depicts that the owner of the flower is honest, open and patriot. People who are attracted to it are often found to be a right-minded person and successful in creating his/her own life. So get to know the meaning of cornflower tattoos for women and men.

Cornflower tattoo meanings for women

Flowers are always the ultimate choice for women. It enables them to create an exceptional yet gentle pattern that brings joy for years to its owner. The variety of each cornflower patterns makes it easily possible for women to understand the true meaning of a tattoo.

Cornflower depicts loyalty and purity. It is capable to create love and shows gentleness. The owner of cornflower tattoo is calm, harmonious, inner strength and of course vitality.

Yes, a woman heart is indeed filled with love but a great patterned cornflower tattoo shows woman demands respect and her soul is free-spirited as well as freedom-loving.  

Cornflower tattoo meaning for men

Yes, flowers are purely for women but it is the cornflower that suits a man as well. Men with cornflower tattoo own pure thoughts, have a soft heart, noble in love. They also own a desire to protect the family and land of their family.

Cornflower as a wreath

Cornflowers look great when gathered as a wreath. They depict a strong bond, good spiritual thoughts and pure foundation of a relationship. Wreath cornflower tattoo shows long-lasting love or friendship that is indestructible. It is believed that if someone wove spikelets into the cornflower’s wreath, the owner will have a large family and surely spend his life in prosperity.

Cornflower and a sword

Men usually love the combination of cornflower tattoo and sword pattern which depicts rich and active energy. Cornflower along with sword portrays a warrior spirit without being cruel.

Two cornflowers

Yes, you get it right when two cornflowers are inked together they depict eternal faithfulness and spiritual love. On the other hand, two cornflowers also indicate a sad symbol.

People who want to find a new love and seek happiness in the future give serious thought to ink two cornflowers on the body.

So below is the list of cornflower tattoo patterns, select the one you like.

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Hope you liked our compilation of cornflower tattoos. They are surely amazing. So do not forget to mention your favorite tattoo below in comments.

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