25 Cute Friendship Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Friendship tattoos are highly popular and effective way to express your bond you share with your friend, as it is said the true friendship refreshes the soul contrary to this cute friendship tattoo may be simplistic and incredibly meaningful idea that reminds you of your friend every time when you notice it. Cute tattoos are fun and memorable thing to do among both friends.

Friendship tattoos are more than just a piece of art, simple yet incredibly iconic and as meaningful as friendship bond. Most people wear friendship tattoo as a good luck charm for them while few to indicate or show off that they have someone unique and special in their life.

Nowadays best friends are rare and precious once you found them you’re tied to them forever, so to keep friends alive in your soul people get tattooed. Almost all age groups wear these cute tattoos that take the cake both contextually and stylistically. You can get these lovely tattoos either on fingers, neck, feet, thighs wherever you want.

People immortalize their friendship with ink to prove that their friendship is bound to last forever. Either people celebrate this by having matching tattoos or having a unique design that means something to both of you. People get these friendship tattoos as a symbol of commitment of being friends and that they won’t break it no matter what.

Friendship is anchored in trust, faith, strength and stability. No doubt, correct placement of the friendship tattoo adds more value and significance to it. There are plenty of tattoo ideas to symbolize your friendship some best friends get quotes tattoo other people get matching tattoos to show off in public that one is never better without other.

If you and your friend join each other in madness then you must have think to get inked matching tattoos so here we have gathered variety of cute friends tattoos to help you out for celebrating this friendship day with your best friend forever.

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Cute Love Birds

cute love birds tattoo on wrist for best friends

image credit

Peanut Butter and Jam Slice

best friendship tattoo peanut butter jam slice bread

image credit

This peanut butter and jam slice shows together we are a great combination, a perfect sandwich!

Cute Promise

cute friends promise grace hands tattoo ideas

image credit

This cute adorable tattoo is a symbol of promise and commitment, a promise between two friends.

Tied Together Forever

cute friendship ankle tattoo for girls

image credit

This is another adorable match up tattoo which represents that your friend is always to listen and help you no matter what.

BFF Mickey Minnie

cute bff tattoo idea mickey and minnie

image credit

Pizza Lover

cute friendship tattoo pizza slice on side wrist for girls

image credit

Flying Birds from Cage

best friends tattoo ideas flying birds from cage

image credit

Puzzle Pieces

cute friendship tattoo ideas heart puzzle piece

image credit

Heart is a symbol of love, this puzzle piece completes the heart so does the friend.

Owl and Tree

owl and tree for friendship finger tattoo

image credit

This tattoo symbolizes home and security. As owl is safe in its own house that is tree similarly you are secure with your friend.

Friendship Date

best friends text tattoo with friendship date on wrist

image credit

Ruler and Eraser

cute friendship tattoo ruler and eraser

image credit

Adorable Fingers Hug

cute faces friendship tattoo on inner fingers

image credit

The size of the tattoo will not decide that how much you care. A small tattoo can mean a lot as this smile and hug one.

Salt and Pepper

cute friendship tattoo salt and pepper

image credit

Another adorable tattoo representing your bond with your best friend as one can’t have salt without pepper.

Compass Tattoo

arrow compass tattoo for bff

image credit

As compass direct people the right direction contrary to this your true best friend guide you to correct direction.

Heart Tattoo

cute small heart tattoos on wrist

image credit

Sometimes a small adorable hearts tattoo speaks louder than words.

Space Tattoo

cute spaceship and galaxy tattoo for friendship

image credit

This adorable space tattoo represents that our friendship is out of the world.

Pinky Promise

cute pinky finger promise tattoo

image credit

Avocado Tattoo

cute avocado tattoo for friendship

image credit

Another meaningful idea for tattoo, two halves put together respectively on both friends together it makes a whole.

Infinity Rose

infinity rose tattoo for best girl friends

image credit

Another great idea, this floral tattoo is a symbol of goodwill, peace and loyalty. That shows how careful you are towards your friend.

Small Elephant Tattoo

cute elephant tattoos for friendship

image credit

As elephants are symbol of honor, protection and strength so elephant tattoo is another cute meaningful idea to show off you friendship.

Friendship Arrow

cute arrow tattoo for friendship on side forearm for girls

image credit

This tattoo is a cute reminder that no matter how big a trouble is both friends commit to move forward and deal with it.

Paper Planes

cute paper planes tattoo for bff

image credit

‘True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart.’

Outline Dove Symbols

small cute outline illustrated dove tattoos on wrist for best friends

image credit

You can design this unique dove tattoo. Dove is a symbol of peace and harmony which shows how peaceful your friendship is.

Thick and Thin

infinity heart think and thin tattoo on wrist for bff

image credit

Heart and Anchor

heart anchor tattoo on biceps for friendship

image credit

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