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The fashion industry made waves when Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue featured gorgeous Ashley Graham as their 2016 cover girl. The plus-size model has become an icon for women around the world with curves and full figures. Ashley clearly shows that women of every body type look sexy and glam in a bathing suit. Finding the best-looking swimwear inplus-sizes has not always been easy, because regular department stores don’t feature enough choices in design, fabric, trend or price, but that is all changing.

swimwear inplus-sizes

Ashley Graham believes that a plus-size woman should enjoy her individual beauty and that means finding flattering swimwear at the right price. “I know my curves are sexy and I want everyone else to know that theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt.” If you look at the large number of online retailers who offer new styles in plus sizes, you’ll see that she’s absolutely right. In fact, you’ll be over the moon when you get the perfect plus size bikini at swimsuitsforall— a site that caters exclusively to plus size shoppers — offer the newest, trendiest styles in swimwear at the best price for the coming season. There are wonderful styles with amazing stretch and fabric that hugs every inch of your body. Full figured ladies look great in designs like the high-waisted bikini, which contours your waist, allowing your legs to look endless. Or how about the tankini, which features two pieces that can be mixed and matched. The classic, elegant strapless or halter style complements the shoulders and bosom but still gives coverage where you want it.

Let’s be honest. Plus-size beauty is finally getting the full attention it deserves with a number of models walking the collections during New York Fashion Week. Famous designers are creating plus-size collections and adding them to the regular seasonal pieces available at swimsuitsforall and elsewhere. Barriers are being broken down and for the first time this year, there’s been a true celebration of every woman’s uniqueness and her rightful place in the world of fashion. That’s why shopping now provides you with the latest trends and new design concepts and everything is affordable thanks to this spring’s online swimwear deals. Now, is the best time to be looking for those fab swimsuits that are sure to turn heads at the beach.

Gone are the days of fitting room dread and the nervousness that often accompanies shopping for swimwear. Now, you can browse from the comfort of your own home. You can spend time browsing through all the selections, instead of being hurried by a pushy salesperson. You can see plus size models with your body type wearing the newest trends in your size. Finally the fashion world is saying it’s time to embrace your curves. It’s natural, and there are so many amazing women who share your beautiful figure. So hop online and browse the latest styles at swimsuitsforall, an online retailer that specializes in fashionable plus size swimsuits for women in sizes 8 to 34. Women of all sizes can be trendy and fashionable when wearing a swimsuit thanks to an ever-growing selection of great plus size styles. Now, you can feel and look amazing in the latest designs by the trendiest designers.

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