15+ Stylish Haircuts for Men with Wavy Hair

Men with a wavy haircut find it really difficult to style them as per their personal choice. Wavy hair have always been there as a challenge when it comes to styling and managing.

There is no doubt about the fact that this kind of hair is great for those who want something with extraordinary texture, and volume. There is no doubt that the wavy hair are challenging to maintain and style but the end result is always fascinating.

For some there is hardly any difference in the wavy and the curly hair but it is important to understand that the waves usually appear when the hair starts growing longer. This is challenging at times especially when you are not able to style your hair in your way.

When the wavy hair is styled properly they add a trendy look to the wearer. There is no need to worry about the length of the hair. You can have a perfect style for your short, medium or long length wavy hair. Add a fringe, create a textured crop, get a comb over or the cool quaff can go great with your wavy hair.

If you have wavy hair of any length, don’t get confused there is something versatile for you in the store. You may visit your hair dresser for a perfect advice. We have come up with a set of hairstyles to match the length of your wavy hair. It is for sure that there is something great for you too among these.

Haircut for short length wavy hair

If your long length wavy hair are becoming a big challenge and you find it challenging to maintain them then get them trimmed, transform into the short length waves and style them as you like.

Give them a formal office friendly look or part them on one side there are so many ways to handle them. Get the sides shaved and leave the waves on the top of your head giving a versatile and trendier look. If you have loose   waves covering your head just don’t bother yourself.

Try getting the messy look by simply moving the fingers through the waves. Short but thicker waves work great with this style. It is great to try using the dying option.  

Add subtle streaks of your favorite color to the waves and see the thing happening your way. Textured crop can be a great option too. If you have the afros textured hair then have the dynamic 360 degree cut for the waves.

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Haircut for medium length wavy hair

The medium length of the wavy hair makes the hair look generous. Medium length waves parted on one side look great with the rugged beard. Have an undercut to complement the length. Adding layers to the waves of the medium or the shoulder length can do a great job if you are still confused about the right hair cut.

An edgy touch makes the medium length waves look more formal and office friendly. The Johnny Dipp kind of style has always been an inspiration for the people with the medium length wavy hair. The chin length waves can accentuate the personality and make you look even more inspiring and formal.

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Haircut for long length wavy hair

Usually it is a little difficult to manage wavy hair with a longer length. Get a cut to make the waves look balanced and organized. Once done have a messy up do by using the pins or a hair tie to transform the hair into a bun at the top of the head.

If you are an independent soul and want the world to know the same then get the waves layered and add streaks of your favorite hues to them. It is even further great to grow your beard along with the rugged waves.

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