10 Halloween Nail Art Stickers Ideas To Spice Up Your Costume

Halloween is around the corner and it is time for you to collect all the things that you need to make your costume ready. You do not want to wear something boring and mainstream. And putting together a costume that looks amazing requires time and effort.

Even if you already have a costume and the accessories that will go with it ready and prepared, do not forget to work on the nails. Do not let your nails down when your whole costume is on point. There are a lot of spooky, funky, and cute Halloween nail stickers that you can find and match with your costume.

Whether you want to dress-up as a witch or a unicorn, you will find a variety of Halloween nail stickers that will take your whole costume to another level.

To help you decide what type of nail art you want this Halloween, here are some designs for your inspiration:

1. Pumpkins and Witches nail stickers

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Don’t have long nails? Well, that is not an issue because these scary pumpkins and skulls will look cute and spooky on your nails. Just put an orange base on your nails and add the stickers that you love and VOILA, your costume is upgraded.

2. Spider nail stickers

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Can’t find nail stickers to match your costume? Do not worry about that. Just add some spiders and spider web stickers and your nails are good to go.

3. Jack-o-lantern nail stickers

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Are you dressing up as your favorite childhood character? Do not spend all your effort on the costume. Save some creativity for the nails. Just put on a black base coat and add the stickers that will give a scary vibe.

4. Unicorn nail stickers

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Want to dress up as a cute unicorn? Do not forget to spice up your nails. Here are some unicorn inspired nail art.

5. Cute nail stickers

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Want something cute on your nails? You can add some cute ghouls and spider nail stickers and still get the Halloween vibe that you are looking for. Here are some cute Halloween inspired nail sticker.

6. Superhero nail stickers

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Are you dressing up as your favorite superhero? Whether your favorite superhero is batman, superman, or any other character, here are some ideas that will make your nails look super and fabulous.

7. Monster nail stickers

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Want to dress up as your favorite monster? Do not worry because your monster can be scary or cute.

8. Vampire nail stickers

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This might sound like an easy costume, but you can make it spookier by adding some bloody and creepy nail stickers.

9. Clown nail stickers

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Clowns can look innocent and fun or creepy. It is up to you whether you are dressing up as a killer clown or going for something funny. Here are some clown nail sticker ideas that you should definitely try this Halloween.

10. Cartoon characters nail stickers

image credit 1 2 3 4

Are you dressing-up as your favorite cartoon character this Halloween?

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