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Ups and down in a relationship is a part of life which can be shared or expressed with friends and family but a broken heart experience gives a gut-wrenching pain to an individual that needs to be handled alone.

Heartbroken experience is not confined to couples but it is wired with people whom who love or affection incredibly. It is factual that feelings of loneliness, sadness and utter lethargy envelopes almost every person in a heart break situation. It is true that love or breakup cannot be reciprocated due to which the emotion is truly painful.

There is no doubt love is the most amazing and powerful emotion on earth. It surely sparkle your world with joy and happiness. Because of non-compatibility, most of the time a magical relation comes to an end which gives an excruciating pain.

Being hurt by a person you deeply love or to whom you have opened the heart, the pain will inevitably be beyond measure. The heartbroken quotes on Tumblr enable an individual to move in life and empower to let go all miseries.

After a breakup or when anyone breaks your heart, a person immediately becomes powerless and vulnerable. It might be possible you start to get aggressive or frustrated while realizing that the relationship is not as it was.

In such a difficult situation, how you relax or find comfort? Sharing your pain with friends or family is not enough due to which we have presented heartbroken quotes on Tumblr to give you the best insight.

These broken heart quotes and thoughts will assist you to eliminate anger, depression, and denial to overcome a broken heart.

Call It Love

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No Second Chances

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Is It Not Me?

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I`ll Always Love You

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I Just Did

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I don’t ask anyone to stay
Not anymore
The phone may tremble in my hand
But never again
Will I beg for someone to love me?

Silly little me, i thought your promises actually meant something. i should have known that they were just empty words spoken by a heartless person.

—  i should’ve known better

People are not meant to be here forever. They are only meant to stick around for as long as they’re supposed to. i guess that means it’s alright that i didn’t try harder to make you stay.
—  i have to learn to be okay with this

Part of me is mad that i wrote you into my stories. Because i can no longer read them without falling in love, and breaking my heart at the same time. But part of me is so glad i did. Because it reminds of how beautiful our love was, even if it destroyed me.

— i still miss you

I wasn’t done with loving you. And even though you’ve left, I’m still loving you.

I’m done letting you keep hurting me. You don’t deserve to have that power anymore. Your ghost might still haunt me for a little while, but I’m done wishing for your presence.”

— Words of Heartbreak

We Can`t Be Friends

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I Love You

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Thank You

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End Up In Same Direction

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I don’t see any me in myself anymore.

You gave me every reason to walk away and finally I did.
—  I walked away.

The moment I realized I was truly in love with you was after you left, and suddenly the things you did that annoyed me the most, became the things I missed the greatest.

There’s a hurricane in my heart and I’ve named it after you…

He wasn’t good for me but that didn’t make letting him go any easier.

I know a part of me will always love you
We shared something special and I cherish that
But sometimes it hurts my heart knowing that a piece of me
Will always have this ache that belongs only to you

I Tried Like Hell

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Let Things Go

Heartbroken Quotes Tumblr

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You Deserve Better

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Remember Me

heart broken story

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I’m Not Your Juliet

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My mind can’t take it anymore, but my heart still wants to love you.

I’m going to burn my love for you and bury the ashes.

This is me saying goodbye

Someday you’ll realize I was everything you needed.

I’m not heartless, I’ve just learned how to use my heart less…

You’ll search for his features in everyone you see.

All so suddenly, the love songs were no longer about you


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I Am Numb

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Grow to let go

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I Am Afraid

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Learn To Limp

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It took me a long time to learn
That when someone wants to leave,
The tighter you try to hold on
The more they’ll slip from your grasp
And someday I’ll realize you were everything I didn’t.

How do you forgive yourself, for messing up the best thing that ever happened to you?

I know we said we wouldn’t talk anymore, but I just need to know you’re okay

Even if we could start over I wouldn’t. Because I can’t risk our relationship being worse than it is right now.

I always tried too much while he never tried enough

I am so lucky to have been able to love you. Even more so for you to have loved me back. But luck runs out, and so did we.

I Save Us

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I Still Love You

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None Of That Matters

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People Don’t Love Us

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Stay With Me

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All of the heartbroken quotes collection mentioned below enable an individual to cope with unique strategies to overcome severe emotional pain. It’s the time to mend your heart with amazing quotes. So, if we have missed the famous or your favorite heartbroken quotes on Tumblr, don’t forget to share it with us in below comments.

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