How To Do Makeup For Wedding Party Indian

Wedding season is around the corner and you still are not sure which salon to go to? Who’s the best makeup artist? But who needs to go to the salon for an over priced makeup which you may or may not like. Granted, it’s the dream of every girl to get pampered and dolled up on their wedding day you can easily get the look of your dream or may be it’s not your wedding but still you want to look your best.

All you need is confidence in yourself and right products (of course you would have to know how to do makeup otherwise it’s gonna be a disaster) Here is our guide of How to do makeup for Indian wedding party. Since Indian weddings are all about glamour and glitter so you need to step up your makeup game as it’s not gonna be easy. Here are some steps you need to follow to get the perfect makeup look for wedding party.

Prepping Your Skin

apply face cream before makeup for wedding party

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No matter how expensive and good products you use, your makeup is going to be a disaster if your skin is not well prepped. The best way to get a glowing and plump skin is to drink lots of water. We suggest you to start drinking 2-3 liters of water daily a month before your wedding party. Other steps you need to take is to daily cleanse your face thoroughly followed by toning and moisturizing. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week and use a mask once a week.

Priming Your Skin

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Priming is the most important step if you want to get an airbrushed and flawless look and want your makeup to last long. Use a good primer on areas where you have pores and textures such as on your T-zone area and on your cheeks.

Color Correcting Is Must

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If you have pigmentation and redness on your skin you must need color correctors to hide them so your wedding makeup look more flawless. Use orange or peach color corrector to hide darkness and pigmentation on your face and green color corrector to hide redness. Blend your color corrector well and then apply neutralizing concealer so color don’t show.

Foundation and Concealer

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Contouring and Bronzing

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Bronzing is used to give warmth to your face and contouring is used to give your face definition and structure. Use a bronzing shade which is warm brown and light brush it all over your face. Choose a cool tone brown as contouring shade. Make a pout and add it on hollow of your cheeks and on your jaws.

Blushing and Highlighting

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Blush is used to add color to your cheeks. Choose a Blush shade which compliments your skin tone and dust it over apple of your cheeks. You don’t want to go overboard with blush and add it in swiping motion. Highlighter is used to give glow to your face. Choose a shade of highlighter such as golden, copper or bronze shade which is perfect for Indian skin tone and add it above apple of your cheeks. Skip this step in summer as heat, sweat and highlighter will make you look like shining disco ball.

Eye-shadows to Compliment your Look

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Now your face makeup for your wedding party is complete. Moving on towards eyes, use neutral colors or if you’re daring go for smokey eyes. Avoid peacock colors such as green, blue and yellows. Add lighter shade of eye-shade such as brown in your crease to add definition to your eyes. Now choose a slightly darker shade and add it in corners of your eyes.

Use a glittery or shimmery shade on your lid. Don’t forget to add similar eye shades on your lower lash line. If you’re going to be daring and is opting for smokey eyes then you must know how to spend time blending your eyeshades to get perfect smokey eyes, look otherwise and you’ll end up looking like a panda.

The 3 E’s

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Now it’s time for 3 E’s i.e. Eyeliner Eyebrows and Eyelashes. You can choose any style of eyeliner depending on your look. Use a black eyeliner and draw simple line or do a cat liner. It all depends on you.

Doing your eyebrows is a must if you want to step up your makeup game. Fill in your eyebrows with a brow pomade or pencil with a shade that matches your hair color.

If you want to get a doe eyed look then you can add falsies, just apply some lash glue on your false lashes and wait for a min to let it dry. Then apply your falsies. But if you want to skip false lashes then just apply 3 coats of water proof mascara, it looks amazing as well.


Indian bridal wedding makeup step by step guide

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Applying Lipstick is the last step you need to do for your wedding party makeup. Choose a light shade of lipstick if your eyes are heavy and vice versa. Bold red lips will rock any look you’re opting for in your Indian party.

Set it All

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Spray some setting mist or spray so your makeup lasts all night and Voila your makeup is done!

This was our guide of How to do makeup for Indian Wedding Party. Let us know if this was helpful or not.

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