18 Best 2024 Funny January Birthday Meme Images

If you know someone who will be celebrating their birthday in January, it is time to collect some January birthday memes for them. Sending a birthday meme is a fun and humorous way of wishing someone, it shows that someone cared about you. When you send a funny birthday meme to someone, it gives them a good laugh. That time is gone when people used to write long paragraphs and send birthday messages.

No one is too old for memes. If you do not tag your friend in more than 10 memes daily, what is the point of having a friendship like that? Sending a “Happy Birthday” text is too old-fashioned. The perfect way to wish a friend on his birthday is by sending a meme. It is a great way to wish, and it is quick, funny, creative, and shows that the other person cares about you.

If you are looking for some funny birthday memes for your friends or family, we have gathered the perfect memes for you. Scroll down and find the meme that you think will be perfect for someone celebrating their birthday in January and wish them in a fun and exciting way.

Born On 1st January:

1st january birthday meme image

Having a birthday on 1st January can be sad for some people. Sad because your friends are tired after the Christmas parties. So, send them a funny meme to cheer them up.

January Birthday Gifts For Teasing Friend:

january birthday gift meme image for friend

Who doesn’t love teasing friends?

image credit

January Birthday After Christmas:

birthday in january after christmas meme image

You know why people born in January are lucky? Because they get presents even after Christmas.

Birthday In January Means Extra Gifts:

funny january birthday meme

Can’t decide what you want for your birthday because you already got it for Christmas? Well, here is a perfect meme for that.

image credit

Break Your New Years Resolution:

New Year, new you? It is your birthday so have a little fun.

image credit 1 2

When Your Birthday Is In January:

birthday in january sucks meme

Downfall of having a birthday in January? You get unwanted Christmas presents.

image credit

Funny January Birthday Wishes:

january birthday wishes meme

If you have a friend who loves humor, wish him in a funny way.

image credit

Just Wait On It Meme!

drake dance january birthday meme

Get excited because it is your birthday. Post this on Facebook to remind your friends that your birthday is near.

image credit

No Money For The Cake Meme:

january birthday cake meme

When you spent all your money on Christmas decorations and gifts, you got to compromise on your birthday cake.

image credit

Awkward Moments:

january 1st birthday meme

If your birthday is on 1st January, then you must be prepared for some awkward moments.

image credit

Send January Birthday Meme To Your Children

son-daughter january birthday meme

Do you have a kid who will be celebrating her birthday in January? Here is the perfect meme that you should send her.

image credit

Funny January Birthday Card:

funny january birthday card meme

Did you miss your friend’s birthday? Apologize by sending this meme.

image credit

When Someone Says It’s Your Christmas And Birthday Gift:

christmas and january birthday gift meme

Don’t you hate it when someone gives you a present and says it is for your birthday and Christmas? Well, here is a perfect meme for that.

Party And Fireworks:

january 1st birthday fireworks meme

The best thing about being born on January 1st is that you get fireworks every year.

Sarcastic Birthday Meme:

sarcastic funny january birthday meme

Sarcasm is healthy in every relationship. So why not treat your friends with a little sarcastic birthday meme?

“Birthday In January?” Meme:

funny january birthday meme

Remind your friend the struggle of buying gifts for them twice with this January birthday meme.

image credit

January Birthday Tradition:

january 2nd birthday meme

It is not a birthday tradition, but something your parents want you to believe. Send them this funny and sarcastic meme on your birthday.

image credit

“All I Want For Christmas”:

hilarious january birthday meme

Do you have friends who forget your birthday? Send them this meme, so that this time they remember.

image credit


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