6 Latest Pakistani Fashion Trend Ideas & Styles for 2019

Speaking of the latest fashion trends in Pakistan for women, we are proud to announce that it is no less than the top and current fashion trends. The leading designers of Pakistan are extremely talented and creative, and it is because of their untiring efforts, that the newest fashion trends 2019 in Pakistan is absolutely ravishing!

Recently in March, a Fashion Pakistan Week 2019 was hosted in Karachi and it took the fashion lovers by a storm. Many well-known and brilliant designers participated and show cased their stunning designs and bench marking the fashion trends for 2019.

From Sana Safinaz, Faraz Manaa, Zainab Chotani to Al-Karam, HSY and Generations, each and every one awed the audience with their creative and enticing designs.

So without further ado let’s take a look at these latest fashion trends for girls of all ages and men too, because this is the modern age of equality and set our trends for 2019.

1. Welcome the Colors of Summer

From the event of Pakistan Fashion Week 2019, we were able to pick up the summer colors that were infused with designs by the designers. These colors were the variant shades of pink, yellow, orange, lime green and royal blue.

The designers were very keen to pair up these colors with their contrasting tones in order to enhance the entire outfit. If you want to add color to your summer wardrobe, then be sure to buy the outfits of above mentioned colors and adopt the new fashion trends right away.

Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn colors for 2019

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Gul Ahmed Lawn summer colors for 2019

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2. Pretty in Peach

A color of fashion in the latest fashion trends in Pakistan for women this year is the beautiful color of peach! A color that suits all skin tones and compliments greatly when combined with solid and dark shades of color.

Gulaal peach color lawn 2019

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khaadi peach color lawns for 2019

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3. Focusing The White

This year Sana Safinaz, the designer known for her love for floral and colors launched their lawn collection under the name of Muzlin. The collection was widely appreciated mainly because the vibrant colors of summer were carefully chosen to be displayed on a white background.
Safe to say that white base outfits can definitely be included in one of the newest fashion trends 2019.

sana safinaz muslin white lawns 2019

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white lawn trends for summer 2019

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4. Beauty In Blue

After the wonderful show of the Pakistan Fashion Week, if there’s one thing that is completely understood for all the fashionistas is that blue is never out of style. Many designers like Khaadi, Gul Ahmed, Sana Safinaz and Nishat Linen launched their lawn collection in many shades of blue.
From dark blue to light icy blue, every shade of blue was loved by the fashion critics.

khaadi lawn color trends 2019

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5. Short Shirts

The Summer is approaching and with it comes the style of short color shirts. The short shirt or kameez style is surely a considerable choice in the fashion trends for 2019. You can get the dress stitched according to the latest fashion trends for girls 2019, which is a beautiful above the knee shirt paired with straight pants.

Sana Safinaz Kameez trends 2019

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Sana Safinaz Fashion Trends 2019

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6. Bold and Edgy Trousers

The collection of trouser trends for 2019 is perfectly suited for both summer and spring 2019. The colors and style are playful and eye-catching all the while, creating a subtle effect while providing a bold and edgy look. Below are some of the designs to enhance your fashion taste and choice.

trouser trends for 2019

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trouser fashion trends for 2019

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women trouser fashion trends for 2019

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