Top 7 Superstar Footballer Lionel Messi Tattoo Design with Meaning

As you know, Lionel Messi has been almost the best footballer of the whole world however, he always have a competitor to be challenged with at the end of the year. Messi has been earning numerous titles and awards for himself lately. Moreover, Messi has been revealing some of the tattoos which have deep meanings and fans cannot wait to have the real information about the tattoos and their reasons.

Well, he is a big legend of FC Barcelona and has been covering up much ink on his body with the inspiration of his partner Dani Alves. Although, he had fear of the pain for the tattoo but he made her girlfriend be a victim first and then he tried for the first and it never had a full stop up till now.

1. Mother Portrait

Messi Mother Portrait Tattoo

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The greatest Player of all time is surely a care taker of her mom and loves her mom a lot. He has given a tribute to his mother by having the first tattoo of her on his back.

2. Hands

Messi kids hand tattoo

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This was made when he became the first father in 2012. Therefore, he inked 2 hands of a newly born baby right on his calves to have the remembrance of the child in his life.

3. Left Leg Tattoos

football and number 10 tattoo messi

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This was made in order to coupe up with the Thiago tattoo in order to have a better look and show the love an passion about football. The World Best Footballer added a sword and ball with the combination of his jersey number which is 10.

4. Thiago

Messi son name thiago tattoo

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This is just to show love and affection for his son Thiago. This is a just a fatherly love for his son and shows a great importance.

5. Jesus Portrait Tattoo

Jesus Portrait Tattoo

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This is the sign of faith and believe of Lionel Messi towards his religion. This has picture of Jesus with a crown on head. This could be a source of help and remembering Jesus and showing love.

6. Lotus Flowers

Messi Lotus flowers tattoo

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This is an addition to the sleeves tattoo as it is located right above it as a motivation and booster for the look. Therefore, all you have to know is that it indicates talent which can be risen up everywhere. This is a source of inspiration that he has talent in himself and it grows.

7. Rose Window Tattoo

Rose Window Tattoo

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This is a rose window which was quite attractive in the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. This sleeve tattoo is one of the most good looking tattoo as source of blessing.

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