Tips to Select the Perfect HairStyle for Wedding

Choosing a best hair style seems to be a difficult but some things will give you an idea how to chose a best hair style which is suitable to your personality. There are different variety of head shapes of people all over planet but basic types are 5 in numbers and stands as 1. Oval,2. Round, 3.square, 4. Rectangular and 5th triangular. There are fundamental issues that it is advisable to consider when choosing wedding hairstyles and execution.


Oval shapes are perfect Holders of this type of person to be jealous of , because the oval shape allows you to do any kind of wedding hairstyle. The choice would be in this case be based on the characteristics of the hair, the same commitment to a particular style in the wedding image, age and other criteria. Up do with bangs to eye level will make it possible to look younger, hairstyle with curls and waves accentuate femininity and broad “curls” come to the image of elegance and attraction.


The rectangular shapes have a high forehead and an elongated jaw. These proportions make a person very long. Brighten up these shortcomings as follows.

1. Prefer the “cascade” or “low” hairstyle with bangs thick volume; it will help to cover the whole area of forehead.

2 Separate the strands of hair to be curled inward; it is visually expanding the shape.

3. You can dress your hair with a parting in the middle; it will smooth out the disadvantages of this type of person.

4. Greased back hair and soft curls perform only on the sides.

5. The ears can be covered at all or put her hair behind them so that the twisted ends peeking underneath.

Not recommended up do with raised forehead hair and hair with straight hair lengths. Both will only increase the disadvantages for rectangular face.


A round face is verified by wide cheekbones and turning into the chin and forehead. It looks flat and fairly large. Hide these minor flaws by using well-chosen and expertly executed hair.

Holders of a round face are recommended.

1. High hairstyles, because they are optically stretched face, making it an oval, that is perfect.

2. Lush hair with slanting bangs, which visually balance the facial proportions.

3. Volume of hair moved to the top of the head to the bottom.

4. Use in hair asymmetrical elements: parted, long, curling.

Not recommended parted (they increase the wrong proportions of the face and looks bad), upsweep hair back and wearing a wide hair – it will further increase the face. Round hair the same shape a person is strictly prohibited.


Triangular face has the broad cheekbones, increasing its upper part, and a narrowing it down. Hide facial imperfections and bring it closer to the ideal form, you can use the following guidelines.

1. Hair may be long bangs, she visually reduce broadband cheekbones.

2. Tighten up the hair at the chinning area, they will face a more proportional.

3. Choose a hairstyle in which the largest part will be located at the earlobes.

4. Leave half open ears.

5. Prefer a pony, which will bring this type to the oval.

Not recommended for hair with short bangs, as it increases the forehead, thus increasing the controversial between the lower and upper parts of the face and hair with slicked-back hair.


Square face featuring a wide forehead area and jaw. It also looks quite long and also some angular. Hide flaws square face will implement the following recommendations.

1. Give preference to the wedding hairstyle soft and asymmetrical lines: skew parting or a similar fringe.

2. Transfer the bulk of the hair on one side, it is visually balance the facial proportions.

3. Use in hair parts having a different direction; it will soften the harsh lines of the forehead and chin.

4. Hair volume was best dealt with at the back of the head or the side portions and balance of the head.

Not recommended for long straight hair with bangs and sleek, swept-back hair – it makes the face open, exposing its flaws on display.


All of these tips are general in best natural tips, but they should listen because hair can highlight both the dignity of the person, as well as its personality. And for the wedding hairstyle is more important than ever. Avoid such kind of elements that make the wrong proportions open, and use the line, concealing them.


Regular features or pronounced deficiencies are less common than that which is normal to have, but minor  violations in the proportions are almost on every face. Skillfully selected and expertly executed hair in conjunction with a professional make-up will help to solve these little problems.

Here’s another little tip:

1. Brides big growth should avoid too high hair and long flowing hair style, they pull a figure in length (unless you want to emphasize it). Combed hair optically diminish the volume of the head, so, too, is not recommended for high-brides.

2. Short brides suitable up do. They did not have to be a large amount; otherwise the head would seem disproportionate to the rest of the body. You also need to know that the little girl’s growth often like children. A small, fragile girl does not go to the “adult” hairstyles.

3. Full of brides are not recommended for hair with combed-back hair, small head form increases the volume of the body.

4. The short neck recommended for hair stacked top hair. They help to make the neck longer than optically. It is important that hair had a vertical line, it is also visually increase the length of the neck. Should be avoid very short haircuts which are most and hairstyles with a large amount at the neck. Short and thin, long neck is recommended to cover the light curls or flowing hair on the neck.

5. Long neck can visually make shorter with large curls. Thin long neck can be covered by lush hair to shoulder level. In this case, perfect hair “cascade” type.

6. Profile with a prominent chin hair requires a large amount at the top of the head. It can be a thick fringe, laid on his forehead in the form of waves. Thus the top of the head is balanced with outstanding bottom. Avoid hairstyles with combed-back hair.

7. Some brides no such defects as protruding ears. They did not paint the face, but rather spoils, so they should definitely cover the hair. You can pick a hairstyle that will balance their volume. For this fit this style, in which the ears will not play for the main circuit hairstyles. Completely unacceptable hairstyles with combed back hair, asymmetrical lines. Avoid hairstyles; the lines are the same shape as the ears.


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