20 Most Inspiring Traditional Tattoos Designs Ideas

Inspiring the artists since the 1700s, traditional tattoos designs have managed to win millions of hearts for ages. During the time of the voyages of Captain James Cook along with other sailors, traditional tattoo designs were discovered as strange bodily markings carried by people living in hidden communities. Since that time, this tattoo style has been preserved and now carried by people with unmatchable craze throughout the world.

These tattoos are characterized by bold figures and vibrant colors put together to form a complete picture. Each element of the traditional tattoo has a certain meaning. Most of the traditional tattoos ideas illustrate the time of war or sea voyages made during the olden days. Below are 20 inspiring traditional tattoos designs to go for:

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1. Bird-Inspired Traditional Tattoos

angry eagle traditional bird tattoo on back head for men

image credit

First up is choosing birds like eagle, hawk, falcon, etc. for getting tattooed over your body. They symbolize courage and persistence that were witnessed during the wars.

2. Religious Tattoos

traditional Christianity tattoo on back

image credit

All the prime symbols of Christianity and roses combine to depict true love for religious values.

3. Travel-based Tattoos

traditional traveling tattoo ideas

image credit

Below is a literally and graphically meaningful tattoo idea that conveys the longing that soldiers experienced for going home to their loved ones.

4. Pirate Ship

traditional pirate ships tattoo designs

image credit

There have been innumerable tales telling about pirate ships and their significance in the olden times. You can carry one as your traditional tattoo for reviving that time.

5. Multiple Tattoos Put Together

traditional tattoo symbol ideas with skulls

image credit

This idea is a perfect one if you want a rich-looking traditional tattoo for your arms or legs.

6. Cultural Tattoos

traditional american cultural tattoo designs

image credit

The tattoo idea below is a perfect example of an American culture-inspired traditional tattoo. You can get one done as per your unique culture.

7. Skulled Tattoos

traditional skull eagle tattoo

image credit

Skulls never go out of fashion when it comes to traditional tattoos. Skulls depict the grave realities of life that people had to face during the early times.

8. The Sailor Man!

sailors traditional tattoo designs

image credit

Sea faring used to be a fascinating experience during the old times. Similarly, the sailors were idealized and so were their tattoos.

9. Snake, Knife, and the Lady

gypsy women with knife snake traditional tattoo

image credit

What a deadly combination! Perfect choice for reliving some famous old traditions.

10. Beast Tattoos

angry beast traditional tattoo ideas

image credit

You will find many stories about the beasts and the unhuman figures that existed during the old times. A tattoo showing one will surely make everyone go crazy.

11. The Lighthouse

light-house traditional tattoo designs

image credit

Lighthouse, ship anchors, and sea waves retell many forgettable nautical tales indeed!

12. Camel and the Cactus

camel and cactus traditional tattoos

image credit

Try some desert classics, too.

13. The Lost Message

desert bottle with roses traditional tattoo symbols

image credit

It will remind you of how people used to communicate during the old days.

14. The Mexican Art

mexican shark traditional tattoo

image credit

Be more creative with the traditional tattoos like combining a dolphin and the shark as below flaunting the Mexican richness of the past.

15. Alice in the Wonderland

traditional alice in wonderland tattoo ideas

image credit

What can be more classic than this!

16. Rose and Moon

traditional rose tattoo design

image credit

For recollecting some romantic tales from the past, you can try something having roses and various shapes of moon.

17. Pearl in the Shell

pearl in shell traditional tattoo

image credit

Another idea for reviving the sea memories!

18. The Baphomet

baphomet traditional tattoo designs

image credit

This pagan idol is enough to give the onlookers plenty of goosebumps.

19. The Royal Elephant

royal elephant traditional tattoos

image credit

Keeping in mind the Maharajas and the Royal families of the olden times, you can carry something of the following sort.

20. Aggressive Tattoos

traditional snake tattoo idea

image credit

If you are determined to keep your tattoo truly traditional, then it should be kept aggressive and bold just like the ones carried during old times.

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