21 Unique Skull Tattoo Design Ideas for Men & Women

Long gone are the days when skull tattoo meant a simple, old skull with two bones forming a cross underneath. Today, you can find highly diversified options just to beautify your skull tattoos the way you want.

Some ideas are so mind-blowing that they appear to be some pieces of art work from some renowned artist. The skull tattoos we will mention below are only a glimpse of what amazingness you have in this category.

1. Skull, Rose, Butterfly and Cross

black and grey skull butterfly rose cross tattoo design

This combination is a weird one indeed but when combined and presented as a tattoo, these three elements will surely live up to your expectations.

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2. Skull with a Mask

Skull mask sleeve tattoo

This one is a truly artistic one. It also signifies the two-faced personalities that we often come across in life. Killer, isn’t it?

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3. Skull with an Hourglass

Skull Hourglass leg tattoo design

Here is another unique skull tattoo innovation that will style up your persona.

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4. Skull with a Watch

skull with watch men tattoo design

This one is a classic and an all-time favorite.

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5. Skull with a Feather

skull with feather thigh tattoo

This skull tattoo idea is the perfect choice for those who want the feel of both skull and feather tattoos at one place.

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6. Pirate Skull

skull and boat tattoo design

A huge ship, an anchor, and finally a skull rebuild the pirate scenario that all the tattoo lovers simply go crazy about.

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7. Watercolor Skull Creation

watercolor skull full sleeve tattoo

Try this skull tattoo with the daintiness of water colors. It is equally vibrant and spooky.

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8. Indian Skull with Owl and Wolf

owl-wolf and indian skull tattoo

These beasts make the horror of a skull get multiplied many times.

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9. Crowned Skull

crown skull full sleeve men tattoo

No one can ever think of crowning a skull. So, just do what no one else can!

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10. Heap of Skulls

collection of skulls tattoos on men arm

This idea is worn by celebrities. It surely does catch attention.

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11. Skull, Snake, and Roses

snake skull tattoo design sketch

This skull tattoo idea is another unconventional pick but it is a sure way of flaunting an out-of-the-box thinking.

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12. 3D Skull Tattoo

bloody candy skull tattoo design

Don’t forget to try the 3D options in this category. Your onlookers won’t be able to take their eyes off this art work.

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13. The Beastly Skull

ghost skull chest tattoo design

This tattoo is a perfect combination of a beast and a skull.

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14. Small Sugar Skull Tattoo

small sugar skull wrist tattoo design

This variant is a minimalistic and trendy one for those who want a skull tattoo without getting too conspicuous.

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15. Koh Phi Phi Skull Tattoo

koh phi phi skull tattoo on half sleeve

It is a good one to remind of the olden times.

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16. Skull in Hands

3d hand skull face tattoo

This skull tattoo presents an illusion that the hands are holding something that is a human face at one end and a skull at the other end.

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17. Animal Skull

animal skull tattoo design on back

Don’t restrict the “skull” creativity to human skull only. Try some animal skulls as well.

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18. Skull Octopus

Octopus Skull tattoo design drawing

Let’s make skull more marine with this octopus-inspired skull tattoo.

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19. Floral Skull

classic floral skull forearm tattoo

This tattoo idea is an ideal choice for girls looking to have skull tattoos.

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20. Manual Skull Mask

creative skull tattoo on hand

Just like its name, this tattoo idea is jam-packed with uniqueness.

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21. Hidden Skull Tattoo

Hidden Skull Tattoo

This one will puzzle everyone and they will keep guessing where the skull actually is.

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