What Bed Sheets Materials Are Best for Your Skin?

You do so much for your skin. You are investing in moisturizers, drinking lots of water, yoga, etc. Imagine harming your skin with the wrong bedsheet! Yes, you can get allergies, skin irritations, redness, eczema, acne problems, etc., if you have been sleeping on the wrong fabric bedsheet. By wrong, we mean either it has not been chosen as per the season, or it has harsh chemical dyes that cause problems for your skin. Well, nobody would like to see a skin doctor because of a wrong bedsheet!

So what kind of bed sheet materials should you invest in? Natural fabrics! If you have sensitive skin, you should particularly pay attention! Dermatologists recommend only natural fabrics like linen, cotton, etc., if you have skin allergies. However, if you are to choose from linen vs. cotton sheets, you need to consider a few things. Anyways, let’s take a look at various bed sheet materials and how they are beneficial to your skin.


Choosing linen bed sheets is one of the best decisions you can make! These bedsheets not only regulate the temperature and keep you cool in summers and warm in winters, but these are hypoallergenic and have natural dyes only to keep your skin protected. The best part is that the already soft sheet turns even softer as you keep washing it. Linen offers you breathable comfort. In fact, if you compare linen and cotton sheets, you’ll see linen is even more breathable! It is thicker, more textured, and more durable than cotton.

Moreover, it communicates luxurious feels and adds a vibrant look to your room. While you are doing your skin this beautiful favor by choosing the correct material, you can also get some compliments for a nicely put up bed!


Cotton is another good choice for your skin. It is soft and feels snug. You sleep comfortably as it absorbs the heat from your skin and keeps you cool. It is an environment-friendly and durable fabric, too. Moreover, care is easy.

You can also go for Egyptian or Pima cotton if you need a softer and stronger sheet. Cotton has various varieties. Make sure you choose high quality or organic cotton.

Other materials

Other natural fabric choices can be silk, bamboo, etc. Silk prevents overheating, gives you a soft embrace, keeps sore skin protected, and feels opulent!

Apart from your skin, it also keeps your hair protected from hair fall. Since it is protein-based, it naturally moisturizes the skin and hair. Bamboo is again lightweight, soft, and durable.

So you have to give preference to natural fabrics over human-made fabrics like rayon, polyester, etc. You need to avoid chemical exposure if you have skin issues or if you care for your skin! Also, make sure that you wash the bedsheets regularly. Sheets with good thread counts and tight weaves are excellent to moisturize your skin.


Your skin is supposed to relax at night, and so do you. Uncomfortable and less breathable bed sheets can make you toss and turn the entire night. So invest in the best bedsheets! Sleep tight and keep the material right!

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