Your Guide to Letting Nature Inspire Your Style

Some of the most beautiful things in the world are found all around us in nature. Mesmerizing sunsets with colors melting together until they drip into the ocean waters. Leafy plants and brilliant flowers dancing in the wind. Even animals of all kinds are things of beauty.

It’s little wonder these things often serve as the inspiration for style. From clothing to jewelry, you’ll see pops of nature to help you create your own look.

Wondering how you can let nature’s beauty work itself into your fashions?

Go wild

When we look at animals, we see different colors, patterns, and textures that are nothing short of enchanting. Animal prints and materials modeled after animals (like vegan leather) are a stunning way to incorporate this into your everyday style. You don’t have to have leopard or zebra prints from head to toe though. Simple pops of it in your accessories or in subtle detailing on your clothes can help you ease into this fashion trend, like this butterfly ring.

Focus on the celestial skies

The sun, moon, clouds, and stars above are the forces behind many stunning things we see in nature. The moon affects the tides while the stars light the way with different constellations visible throughout the year. When the sun rises in the morning, a glorious new day has begun while in the evening, it creates such spectacular beauty, it’s little wonder people will stop what they’re doing to witness it. As such, it’s the reason we see so many fashions that use the skies overhead for inspiration. Plus, the rainbow symbolize new life and spirit, which will make your look truly blossom.

Flourish with florals

Spring and summer are always inspired by a bounty of florals. Think of beautiful hibiscus blossoms and that sweet smell that fills the air. Imagine weaving a chain of daisies with those sweet and cheerful blossoms going from end to end. Feel free dancing among the sunflowers and embracing the happiness of life. Beautiful flowers are always a stylish way to complete your ensembles.

Perfection with plants

Leafy patterns always breathe more life into fashion. Whether you like that tropical, exotic palm frond look or find other plant prints inspiring in warmer weather, they are always a stylish choice.

Turning to nature to inspire your style helps you feel more centered and connected with the world around you. It can also help you remember to simply just breathe when the going gets tough. Botanical looks are always in style and remind us that nature’s beauty is a lovely way to bring out our own beauty.

Pair leaves and flowers together for looks that flow effortlessly. Or let them add a graceful touch to contemporary styles. The best part about nature’s inspirations is that they can work for casual or more formal settings so your fashion will always be in bloom wherever you go.

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