Happy Valentines Day Greeting Cards 2014

14 February is a special day for lovers to express their inner feelings of love with beautiful gifts, greeting cards, love songs, flowers, heart symbols, sharing happy valentines day love quotes, poems, sms, wallpaper. It has been gaining popularity around the globe for people sharing something special to loved ones, the most popular gifts for this day are flowers and cards, love symbol chocolate and balloons.

To win a heart both people fallen in love should speak a “language of love”, wishing a sweet love sms or sending the simplest words in letter to special love – we have selected happy Valentines day greeting cards 2014. Save and send them to your love as early as the sun rises on the 14 February 2014 that makes it super cute and most remembered day for lifetime!

1 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

Oh, gentle world of your soul,
I melt from your touch.
I think that dying of love,
And to this day do not go, my love.

Where to sleep, where reality? Now I do not know,
The whole world is covered with magical warmth.
Circle as if silence
But this holiday you are now with me.

Merging stars, mergers of all hearts,
And this exciting moment in the entire universe.
What sort of mystery in there?
Well, as her soul to comprehend, my dear?

2 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

Ah, Valentine’s Day!
Thank you for the miracle
to confess your love,
people will honestly! Once again, filling the hearts of Romanticism, valentines so want everything – and lyricism! Let mutual love will no doubt! Tenderness feelings growing every year fail!

3 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

 Of all the places my legs can carry me, I wish they take me to You. With all the greyness around, I wish my smile can brighten Your mood. To all my hearts content, I wish to embrace You. During the times when You are in the middle of nowhere, I wish to guide You. Warm Kisses !

4 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

 I felt accepted and understood with you, without even trying to. You made me feel valuable and desired. The presence of you inspired me to smile. My head was flooded with ideas and positive thoughts. Your positive attitude changed me. Now I feel distant from the time before I met you.

5 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

 Next Time If It Rain,Try To Catch Few Drops In Your Hand…The Drops You Catch Is The Amount Of You Loving Me…And The Amount You Miss Is The Amount Of I Am Loving You…

6 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

 Feelings are always the same
Saying it could be in different ways,
Some say it directly are called ‘LOVERS’
Some write them on paper & are called ‘POETS’

7 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

 Good morning Beautiful. The first time I saw you, my heart knew it was true! I love you more than you think I do. Happy Valentines Day love.

8 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014

 So Many Time
I Thought I’d Never
Find Sum1 To Love Me
d Way I Needed 2 B
Loved Then
U Came In My Life
Showed Me
Wh8 True Love
Really Is

9 Happy Valentines Day Greeting Card 2014