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17 Color Trends for Fall-Winter 2017-18

Every season brings its own uniqueness, its own distinctiveness and its own matchless attractions. Every season is beautiful in its own way. As every new season is completely different ... Continue Reading →

4 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Let’s face it: fashion plays a huge part in your everyday life. Even people who don’t appear to pay much attention to it often go out of their way to look different – which ... Continue Reading →
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Find Out about All the Best Online Swimwear Deals this Season

The fashion industry made waves when Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue featured gorgeous Ashley Graham as their 2016 cover girl. The plus-size model has become an icon for women ... Continue Reading →

Portuguese Brand Baguera Catalogue

Baguera is a Portuguese brand founded in 2011 by jeweler Blanche Cuvier, she was born in 1984 and have always took part in painting competitions, took courses of jewelry. Won many ... Continue Reading →
Edgy Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle 2012

These beautiful new hairstyles stacked bob, current in 2012. Take the basis of classical form and give it a modern sound, adding a luxurious fringe or an asymmetrical structure. Edgy ... Continue Reading →