10 Golden Rules of Real & True Friendship

The path to honest, loyal and powerful friendship is not easy, it takes time to build everlasting true friends relationship, that makes life more beautiful and you can confidently say that, i’m not alone in this world.

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It is too difficult to live a life without friends. Friends are an asset in our life. Friends and friendship are integral to our life. It is difficult to face the hardships and celebrate the joyous moments without friends.

A best friend can criticize you when things are going wrong and can hold you when the worst episodes in your life are tearing you apart. They would wipe away the tears and bring back the smiles that you are longing for for a very long time.

The best friend can wake you up from the nightmare and can hold the umbrella when the weather turns worst. They can chat when you are bored and feeling depressed. Friend can make you feel secure when there is no one else to protect you.

Friends are fun and happiness. It is too easy to say that we need a best friend but it is really difficult to become a real best friend. To enjoy the best moments in the friendship it is very important to take care of a few things. It is inevitable to follow these golden rules for a long-lasting relationship:

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1. Don’t Be Over Possessive

A true friend has to stand by the other in the relation in all thick and thin. It is very important to be a fair with friend, but it is equally significant to respect his privacy. Let your friend know that he is not alone when he actually needs his privacy and would never intervene in his affairs unnecessarily.

2. Secure The Secrets

The most important thing in friendship is to make your heart like a treasure chest that can keep all the secrets of your friends safe and secure. While sharing the secrets your friend must have the confidence that you will protect them and never betray them.

3. Be There Always

Life is so unpredictable, Bad things can happen anytime. Your friend would need you at any point in life, Assure him that he is never alone. You are ready to stand by him whenever he needs you, be a good listener. Make him feel safe under the umbrella of your friendship.

4. Agree To Disagree

Sometimes it happens that you don’t agree with how your friend feels and thinks. This is a tough time as the disagreement can create a breach between the two. The best strategy for this problem is to agree to disagree. Listen to his words with patience. This can really prevent the possible dispute from happening.

5. Mutual Sharing

Friendship can never be a one-way track. It requires the friends to act in a reasonable way, it is the give and take relationship. Don’t forget to return what your friend has always done for you. Stand with him in the dark and light, sorrow and misery, the way he has stood with you. Return his love, care, and affection in the best possible way. 

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6. Maintain A Balance

Staying together is different but interfering in everything is different.  Friendship requires a balance in life. No one likes to have unnecessary involvement. Your friend may trust you and love to share everything with you but at the same time, he might like to stay alone sometime. Just step back when your friend is not in need. Give him some room with the confidence that whenever he will need you, you will return back to him.

7. Respect His Individuality

Your friend is not just your friend, he is a unique individual in himself. Being a human no one is perfect. You need to accept your friend the way he is, Accept his individuality. Learn to cope with his traits and characteristics. This acceptability can make your life really easy and will let you live the friendship to the fullest.

8. Be True In What You Say

Don’t exaggerate the things to the extreme levels. Say what you can really do for the friend. Your words can make your friend think very highly of you, It is very important to look at your words carefully. They can either make the life or ruin it, keep your promises and try fulfilling what you have actually said.

9. Be His Strength

A friend is like a shield. If on one hand, he protects his best friend then, on the other hand, he is the source of encouragement and strength. A beautiful greeting in the morning, a good luck wish on any special moment and even a surprise party on his achievement can boost his morale.

10. Be Honest

Don’t let your friend get carried away with your flowery language. Give a realistic opinion, your words must be true, they must convey the true picture. If you share the right thing it might save your friend from a big shock that can come with the criticism from someone else.

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