12 Low Maintenance Haircuts For Women

Nowadays where life is so busy every woman wants to have a haircut that requires low maintenance, looks trendy, easy to handle and which doesn’t need any hairdo or styling. Especially the working women and the college-going girls who want longer sleeping time and tries to get ready as quickly as possible in the morning are looking forward to keeping such haircuts that require less time to set up.

Many people assume that only short hair is easily maintainable but the following photos can give you the idea of maintaining the medium length haircut cutely and stylishly. These haircuts are not limited to a certain age group but everyone can carry it, it will boost your confidence and will polish your personality.

Stylish Low Haircuts for Women

Just keep in mind when taking haircuts from the salon, it must suits you without sacrificing your beautiful looks and easy to make at home with no time. The following are the hairstyles which require low maintenance.

1. Bob Haircut

low maintenance short bob haircut for fine hair

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  • It is very easy to handle.
  • If you need more style in it, you can give loose curls.
  • If u want zero maintenance then you can carry it.

2. Shoulder cut

low maintenance shoulder length haircut

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  • Having medium length is easy to handle.
  • It looks good on wavy hair or even straight hair.
  • It gives volume to your hair.
  • You can also make a high ponytail.

3. Pixie haircut

low maintenance pixie cut

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  • This haircut looks different and bold.
  • It is short from the backside and slightly long bangs on the front.
  • Nowadays it is in fashion.
  • It requires zero maintenance and doesn’t need any styling.

4. Feather cut

long feather haircut

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  • Women who have thin hair can go for this haircut.
  • It looks stylish, no need to tie your hair.
  • It gives volume to your hair.
  • It can go with a medium to long hair length also.

5. Lob haircut

medium lob haircut with layers

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  • This haircut is really in demand nowadays.
  • It goes well with every texture of hair.
  • It has a little length in the front and then gradually shortens when it reaches the backside and you can easily maintain it.
  • Slightly straighten your hair with an iron and it looks perfect.

6. Bangs with medium choppy cut

medium length choppy layered haircut

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  • This haircut makes you look younger.
  • Women can take front bangs who have a slightly larger forehead.
  • This haircut is versatile as you can set your bangs on side parting or just keep it as it is.

7. Long layers

layered haircut in long hair

image credit

  • Women with long hair can take this haircut as it looks great on every hair type.
  • It adds more beauty and life to your hair.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • This haircut is always in limelight.

8. Fringes haircut

low maintenance fringe

image credit

  • This haircut looks great on cute girls.
  • Whether you have a round, square or heart-shaped face, it will suit you.
  • This haircut gives an innocent look.

9. Straight haircut for medium length

haircut for medium length straight hair

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  • You can take this haircut if you want a natural look.
  • It doesn’t look messy and needs low maintenance.
  • decide whether to keep side or mid parting.
  • You can make different hairstyles and carry them on occasion.

10. Side bangs with short hair

short haircut side swept bangs

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  • This haircut suits every age group.
  • It features your fringe hair merges with the right side of your head and overall your hair remains around your neck area.
  • If you want a unique look among your mates then you can take this cut.

11. U-shaped haircut

u shaped haircut for long hair

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  • This haircut is usually rounded on the sides giving a smoother look.
  • If u don’t want heavy layers then you can go for this cut.
  • This haircut can go with even short and medium hair length providing depth and extent within your strands.

12. V-shaped haircut

v shape long hair with layers

image credit

  • If your hair is very thick and you don’t want a boring look then you can take this haircut.
  • Wavy hair also looks beautiful in this cut.

Hair behaves differently in both summer and winter. In summer people use more flat irons to have a sleek look and more air drying is carried out in winters. For more maintenance of your hair, you can use hair moisturizing creams which are to be applied from the upper region to the ends of your hair. It will help in disentangling your hair and gives lustre and smoothness to your hair and it will help you in quick hair styling.

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