12 Rated 4+ Free iPhone-iPad Game For The Day

People are really busy and have so little time to have enjoy with family or do some fun things like playing games on there mobile sets, and to find some free games for iPhone/iPad easily with good ratings and so much crowd interest is a blessing. To fulfill the needs of all the crazy iPhone/iPad game lovers, we have selected 12 free iPhone/iPad games with good ratings. Just click on the name for game and you will be on apple store iTunes for the details about the game. We will come with under $1 games in our next article to give more options for great fun games. Enjoy these free and fun games on this Sunday, you can also check other free games in our last article 3 Free Iphone & Ipad Fun Games Of The Day.

1. Flight Control Rocket

Flight Control Rocket

2. Always Up!

Always Up!

 3. Tap The Frog

Tap The Frog

4. Blot


5. Project 83.113

 Project 83 113

6. Spy Mouse HD

Spy Mouse HD

7. Theme Park

Theme Park

8. Monopoly Hotels

Monopoly Hotels

9. World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker

10. Monster Village – Angry Monsters Farm

Monster Village

11. Monster Burner

Monster Burner

12. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

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