12 Top Bald Fade Haircuts for Black Men

Have you ever faced grooming issues with your thick curly hair? Do you face difficulty in maintaining your curly hair? Or have you thought of getting a classic fade cut that will add up more to your profile and give you a confident look? Well, you have just come to the right place.

Styling with Curls isn’t Easy, huh?

Combing up or down does not make much of a difference especially for black guys having thick curls. Fighting with curls or short top hair is not the solution.


Embrace the beauty of thick curls and try to maintain a natural look as much as possible. Don’t take me wrong here. I’m not advising you to make any compromise on styling! Instead, you can look for fade hair styles that provide a better outline to your face and make your top hair more eye-catching. However, deciding upon fade haircuts among black guys is not an easy job.

Too Many Fade Cuts! Which one to Consider? Which one is the Best for You?

Since most black guys have thick afro hair, taper fades may just not provide the desired detail and translate into a stunning look. As an alternate, we will suggest you to consider bald fade or skin fade styles since they have become amazingly trendy and give a bold look to the beard too. So, In today’s grooming guide, we will look at the top Bald fade haircuts and help you pick up the best Bald Fade cut!

1. Skin Fade Side-Burn or Low Fade

low fade black hair

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Skin Fade Side Burn, more commonly known as Low fade is a style that suits square-shaped men. Low fade makes the beard more edge around the ear, giving a modern look. Guys with low bald fade cut can grow various stubbles. Also, the low skin fade cut with short top is very suitable for formal look. You can try eyeglasses to add more grace to your looks or grow your top a bit to shape up your profile.

2. High Skin Fade Afro

high skin fade afro haircut

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One of the coolest and most popular bald fade styles is the high skin fade Afro. It suits on oval-shaped face and can also be a good pick for you, if you desire for a formal look. No beard is desirable to lighten up the face. Though you may try a moustache to appear more confident and attractive look.

3. Mid Bald Fade Afro

mid bald fade curly haircut

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The Mid Bald Fade Messy Afro, is super stylish and very desirable too. Keeping clean on the face with no facial hair is common. However, you can consider to grow a thin stubble to sharpen your profile a bit. Glasses may appear more pleasing coupled with a horseshoe on the ear.

4. Bald Fade Afro with Separation Line

bald fade afro with separation line design

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Afros are common, but a Bald Fade afro with Separation line makes up for a wholly unique look. The Curved line around the sides make up for a more confident look.

5. High Top Bald Fade

high top bald fade haircut

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High Top afros with High bald fade temples are totally amazing. You can grow a beard if you have a broader jaw line. The beard with this bald fade type is very trendy.

6. Bald Fade + Dreads + Beard

bald fade dreads with beard

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Can’t find an attractive look with your dreads? Well, try this bald fade special combination with dreads. High bald fade with shape up dreads and short stubble + horseshoe make up together for a wholly aesthetic look. This is super cool and may just be the ideal fit for you when styling for parties.

7. Low Drop Fade + Mohawk + Taper Neck

low drop fade mohawk taper haircut

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Obsessed with Mohawks, but unable to find a good fade and beard combination? Well, don’t worry. Try a Goatee, trim your stubble and get a low drop skin fade with Neck Taper. This low bald fade Mohawk and goatee combination will certainly light up your looks.

8. Low Skin Fade Shape Up Afro

low skin fade shape up afro

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Low Bald Fade Shape up Afro is one of the finest cuts for guys looking to maintain the traditional afro. Low Bald fade at the sides will certainly optimize the look. And, if you can grow a French, it will certainly add more detail to your face and cover the nose (big) too.

9. Buzz Cut Low Skin Fade with Part

low skin fade buzz cut with part

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If you’re looking for a sleek formal look, you can try this combination of Low Bald Fade Buzz Cut with a separation line. You can put on a pair of glasses when you are on work. The low bald fade with separation line really lights up the buzz cut and takes it to a whole level.

10. Parted Long Curls + Low Skin Fade (around the ear) + Beard

low skin fade parted curly haircut for black men

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Do you have long curly hairs? Want something absolutely unique? Try this excellent combination of parted long curls with low bald fade around the ear and sharp edgy beard. This look is not only bold, but is absolutely unique and stunning.

11. Straight Hair Line + Low top + High Bald Fade

high bald fade haircut

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You can also try this straight hair line, high bald fade combo, if you want to maintain a low top. This High bald fade cut gives a very clean, tidy look and an edgy beard will certainly speak up making it a strong, bold look.

12. High Afro (levelled) + High Bald Fade

high fade afro haircut

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This cut is especially for teenage buys looking for a bold, fashionable solution for long afro. Here’s the tip: Level your afro (High), bald fade your sides and keep clean. This is super bold!

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